Restore Files Easily

Your important files are backed up from any of your devices which can be restored to any other device you want to. There are three ways to restore files with the help of Remo Backup application:

Sync Folder

How the Folders can be Sync

There are two options available when choosing your backup folders:

Backup My Documents which means that the contents of the folder will be backed up or Custom Selection which means you can pick and choose the exact files and folders that you wish to backed up

Custom selection option for users has more than one hard drive, who want to backup flash drives or backup files which are located elsewhere on their hard disk

With Remo Backup software, you have the advantage of syncing your folders across devices


Steps to check Sync Folder Location

Step 1: Post to installation of Remo Backup software, your Sync Folder will be created


Step 2: The Sync Folder can be easily accessed from the default path which is displayed in the sync folder dialog box

Step 3: You can also change the default path of the sync folder if required


Step 4: When you sign-in with the same account using different device then also you can manage your Sync folder from there itself

Note: The application data and installed software cannot be backed up.