Steps to Remove Exact Photos:

You can use Scan Exact option to find exact photos from your iPad / iPhone. Just follow few simple steps to remove exact duplicate pictures.

Step 1: Scan entire iOS device

Once you click Scan Similar option, the app will scan entire device and display all similar photos in sets as shown in below fig.


Step 2: Remove Exact Photos

  • Deleting Particular photo in a set
  • To delete desired photos from a set, just tap on the checkbox option provided on the photo itself and then tap on Delete icon.

  • Deleting Multiple Sets of photos
  • To delete multiple sets of photos, just tap on checkbox option provided at top corner of each set and then tap on Delete icon.

    (Note: While deleting exact photos, application will ensure that one best copy of photos in each select set is kept safely in your drive.)

Step 3: Preview / share Photos

  • Preview option:
  • You can also view photos before deleting it by just tapping on it and even you can zoom out / zoom in the picture. (Refer below fig.)