This section allows you to control personal and family member iOS device. It displays you following options:

  • Breaches
  • Apps Locking
  • Website Blocking


  • Breaches: Provides detailed information about the breaches occurred in last 24 hrs
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  • Apps: Gives provision to allow/block all apps on added iOS device
    • Lock apps - Block all iOS apps by selecting "All Apps" option from drop down list and then clicking on Lock option. You can also lock individual apps which falls under app rating categories like 4+, 9+, 12+, and 17+.(refer below image)
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    • Time Based - You can also schedule time for particular app on your iOS device. Just click on Time Based option, set time & day and then click on Allow option.
    • Open apps - Unlock all apps by selecting "All Apps" option from drop down list and then clicking Open option. You can also keep certain apps open on the basis of its app rating as shown in fig.
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  • Website: Here you can block inappropriate websites on the basis of the category they belongs. You can even add new websites to block
    • Lock Website Category----Click on Lock + Click on Apply
    • Unlock Website Category ---Click on Open + Click on Apply
    • Schedule time for Website usage---Click on Time Based+ Set time and days + Click on Allow
    • Adding New websites-----Click on ADD New Websites+ Enter website name you want to add+ choose the status(Open/Lock/Time-based) + click on Confirm Add button
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