If you’ve lost your iOS Smartphone or Tablet, then protect your personal information from unwanted eyes by remotely locking it from the web using Remo MORE Cloud. The Mug shot feature and status locator option of this tool will help to get your iOS device back faster!

Follow this procedure to protect your iOS device:

Step 1: Immediately “Login” to Remo cloud control by entering your username and Password

Step 2: Click on iOS device and then click on Device status

Step 3: Switch the button, from “Safe” to “Lost” upon reaching the Main screen. You’ll find many advanced features through which you can easily trace out where your lost Android device is actually.


Step 4: The “Status” window provided by the utility can help you track the thief’s route on Map by clicking on "View On Map" button. Click on "Lock Now" button to lock your missing device.

Step 5: This is not all, you can even remotely erase all your confidential data from your lost Android devices internal or external storage media beyond recovery by utilizing the "Wipe Now" button available under its Storage section. If you want to wipe all the information stored in your Android device Internal Memory and it's SD card, then directly click on "Wipe All Drives" option.