What would you do, if your Mac device gets lost and all your confidential data is at stake? This is not at all a problem for users who have installed Remo MORE application, want to know why just Read on!!!

What to do when your Mac personal device is lost?

Step 1: Immediately “Login” to cloud control by entering your username and Password. After successfully loggin, select your Mac device under All Device category. Then, click on “Lost” button available on the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: As soon as you click on “Lost” button below screen will appear. From here you can trace the status, view the location of your device and capture the Mugshots unknowingly.


Step 3: The “Status” window provided in the utility helps you to locate your Mac device  on Map and safely lock your lost device so that no one can gain access to your vital or private data. Click on "Play Panic Alarm Now" button to raise a loud alarm, it will help you to find your device if it is somewhere nearby.

Step 4: The “Mugshot Settings” feature offered by the utility will allow you to secretly take pictures of the culprit and sends it to you. By utilizing the "Capture Now" button available under this section you can capture Mugshot anytime. Click on "Start Capturing" option to enable  the Mugshot feature for your locked device and Chat Apps.

Step 5: In it's "Mugshots" section you will find a list of all the Mugshots captured on specific time and date.

Step 6: Furthermore, you can remotely erase all your confidential data from your internal or external storage memory of your lost device beyond recovery by using “Wipe All Drives” and “Wipe Now” option available in Protect Storage section.