Monitor :

In this section you will find complete statistics about your device, like:

  • Junk Files Cleaned : Displays info about amount of junk files cleaned from the device
  • Issues Fixed: Total number of issues fixed
  • Breaches: Total number of breaches prevented
  • 1-monitor-statistic-windows

  • Acitvity: Shows time spent on each application
  • 2-monitor-activity-windows

  • Recently Installed / Removed Apps : Shows detailed information about recently installed or uninstalled applications
  • 3-monitor-install-windows

  • Memory Usage: Give you info about Total RAM, used and available memory
  • 4-monitor-memory-windows

  • Storage: Shows you complete details about memory status of all local disk
  • 5-monitor-storage-windows

  • App Status (Lock/Unlock/Time based)
  • 5-monitor-app-windows