Way to Manage Drive Data

Step 1: Click on Drive Utilization option available under Warning/Info section for monitoring and managing drive information.


Step 2: A popup window will open, where you get info about drive Used Space and Free Space. Click on Manage button to analyze drive files and folders


Step 3: In next screen you will be able to view all available drives on your system. Select the particular drive for calculating the files and folders within it. After a moment of time you will able to see various details:  size, no of files, no of folder and other details



Automate Folder Monitoring

Step 1: To automate folder monitoring process first you need to click on settings. As soon as you click on settings below given screen will open. Add the folder which you want to monitor by using "ADD" button.


Step 2: Fill monitoring size details and specify duration to monitor the selected folder. After this click on "OK" button.