Options available under its Warnings/Info section:

  • Startup Issues
  • Some applications you install on your system automatically add to the list of programs to start upon boot. Obviously, it makes sense to have apps like antivirus to add to this menu, but others may not be useful. Hence, it is best to remove these unnecessary apps from start-up. You can use Remo Optimizer for this purpose and boot your system real quick.

  • Optimized Internet
  • Imagine what it is like to have a slow internet! It can slow down your life. Worry not! You are in the right place. Large web cache, temp internet files, plugins etc. could be eating up your bandwidth and slowing down internet. Instead of manually having to identify these issues and troubleshoot, let Remo Optimizer help you. The tool can improve your internet speed with just one click.

  • Last Defrag
  • With time, files are fragmented and scattered all over the drive, thus making your system slow. What Remo Optimizer does is it defrags the drive by arranging blocks of files in a sequential order which the hard drive can read easily. Thus, it helps improve speed and performance of your system.

  • Last Disk Check
  • File system errors may result in issues with your system. Disk Check tool analyses the health of your disk. It identifies and repairs any file system issues associated with the selected disk, thus improving performance.

  • Drive Utilization
  • This feature is great to monitor and manage the space on each drive or folder. Details of used and available space are listed for you to track easily.

  • Drive Temp
  • If you are suspicious about the temperature of the drive causing certain issues, you can monitor it using Drive Temperature feature. All details of the drive including temperature are displayed.

  • System Memory
  • Some applications hog system's memory even if they are not in use. This results in ineffective utilization. Remo Optimizer searches for such apps and releases the memory occupied, thus boosting system memory. It also helps you keep track of used and free memory, so you're never low on memory.