How to Recover Files from HFS+ External Hard Drive

Restore HFS+ Partitions on External Hard Drive

Restore lost data from HFS+ external hard drive with ease using Remo Data Recovery software for Mac! Entire files present in the HFS+ drive will be recovered in no time! Even, data from formatted or corrupted HFSX, FAT32 and FAT16 partitions can be retrieved in easy clicks. GET NOW!!.

When you plugged your HFS+ external hard drive to Mac system to transfer some files, you mishandled it. All your important data in that external hdd has become inaccessible. There are also times where you lose data from HFS+ external hard disk due to corruption, failure, and so on. Some reasons are listed here –

  • Forcefully ejecting HFS+ external hard drive from Mac system without using Safely Remove Hardware option, may lead to hard drive corruption
  • Interruption during external drive repartition may result in data loss
  • Improper formatting / reformatting of external drive makes it unreadable
  • Corruption of Partition Map also results in loss of HFS+ partitions from external hard disk

In such situations, you lose crucial data present in HFS+ external hard drive. You cannot access the partition present on your external hdd and work completely grinds to a halt. But do you think that HFS+ recovery is not possible at all? If your answer is Yes, then you are wrong. It is possible to get back data from HFS+ external hard drive by using Remo Recover software. But what does this tool do? - You might wonder. Well, read on to know…

Remo Recover to Restore HFS+ External Hard Drive Data –

The software deep scans the entire HFS+ external hard drive quickly to look for lost data and recovers it in few minutes. All files present in HFS+ drive will be recovered reasily. When external hard drive is accidentally formatted and all data gets erased, then Remo Mac Data Recovery Tool by Remo will retrieve it safely.

The application supports data recovery from HFSX, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions apart from HFS+. The recovered files can be viewed in a Mac Finder Styled interface. Remo Recover tool comes with two built-in volume scanning engines which help to retrieve files from Mac hard drives or external hard dirve Volumes that are accidentally formatted. It is also capable of recovering deleted, lost, formatted volumes of internal hard drive, USB drive, FireWire drive, and other storage mediums.

Supported External Hard drive brands: Seagate, Toshiba, Maxtor, Western Digital, Buffalo, LaCie Rugged Mini etc.

Complete Guide to Restore HFS+ External HDD Data -

  • Download and install Remo Data Recovery software for Mac in your system
  • Connect your HFS+ external hard drive to system on which you have installed recovery software
  • Launch the application and select "Recover Volumes / Drives" option from the main interface
  • Next, choose either Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery" or "Volume Recovery" based on your requirement
  • Then, select HFS drive from where data has to be recovered and press "Next" to begin the scanning process
  • After completion of the scanning process, all restored files will be displayed and you can view it before saving using "Preview" option.
  • Then,save the recovered files by clicking Save button.

Unique features of Remo Mac Recovery tool –

  • Find – This tool allows you to find particular files from the recovered data list
  • Sort – The recovered data can be sorted based on the file name, date, size and type
  • Preview – This option allows you to preview the recovered files to evaluate the chances of recovery
  • Save Recover Session – You can continue with the recovery process any time using this feature. Thus, you don’t have to rescan the drive again to locate lost data

All these features customize your recovery process and make it faster and efficient. Additionally, Remo Recover tool allows you to compress the recovered data so as to save disk space. And, most of all, it has a very simple user interface so that even a new user can go about the retrieval process with no difficulty.

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