Software to Backup MS Outlook Inbox Emails

Are you searching for a tool which can take backup of inbox emails from your Outlook profile? Then go through the brief description given below to know more.

For today’s generation, emails play a very important part in day to day life of every individual. Most of the communication in every business sector is accomplished through emails. While the advancement in technology paved the way for simpler email communication by introduction of emails client such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird etc. Among all email clients, Microsoft Outlook is considered as the most popular email client as it is equipped with more advanced features.

How can you save your important mails from getting lost? Users should have to employ some precautionary measures in order to get rid of losing emails. Taking backup of your emails regularly is one of the best way to protect your important inbox mails from getting lost. You may find many ways of taking backup of your inbox and you may be pleased with it. However there may be many users who might be beginner to the computer world and face many difficulties in taking backup. However Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate can be handy to make backup task very simpler for both professional and novice users.

Importance of taking backup

There is no doubt about Microsoft Outlook that it is very effective email client, however it has some issues as the PST file which is considered the heart of Outlook can be susceptible of getting corrupted. PST is a data file which is used by MS Outlook to store every data of its attributes such as inbox, sent items, drafts etc. Moreover there can be many situations where a PST file can get corrupted or damaged and below are some of the major reasons which can damage your PST file.

  • A PST file can easily get affected by virus
  • Once the PST file crosses its maximum size limit then a PST file will get damaged
  • Abrupt termination and improper use of Outlook can also lead to corruption of PST file

Above listed are some of the reasons for the corruption of PST file and once the PST file is damaged then the data pertaining to it will also be lost. So in order to be extra cautious one has to take backup of the important mails.

Benefits of using Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate

Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate is a well-known tool which can safely accomplish your backup of inbox mails within minutes. This advanced utility facilitates you with the simple to understand graphical interface which can accomplish your task much simpler and quicker. Apart from performing backup you can as well restore Outlook backup which was taken earlier. With the help of this application you can take any number of backups, subsequently you can password protect the backup so that you can avoid intruder from getting benefited with that backup. Also, with this excelelnt utiltiy you can schedule your backup at any time as per your convenience. By utilizing this efficient program one can compress the backup in order to save disk space or split the backup and save them at different locations.

Steps to backup Outlook inbox mails

Firstly download and install trial version of Remo Outlook Backup & Migrate. Once you install it launch the program and at the main screen click on “Backup” option. From the upcoming screen select “create a new backup profile” under “Backup Create / Manager profile” tab and then click on “Next” option. You can manually select the items which you desire to have backup by choosing “Select Outlook items” option, moreover you are facilitated to configure backup setting by picking “Backup Setting” option. Finally after accomplishing the backup you will be provided with summary of the backup.

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