Got a slow Mac laptop? Let Remo MORE fix it!!

Remo MORE, a complete device management tool showcased at Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona comes with various features that help monitor, optimize, control and secure your Mac laptop remotely. You might have bought your laptop ages ago, used it extensively and had enjoyed its speed; but now lost its charm. With Remo MORE you can easily boost Mac laptop speed and make it work like new again with just one click. It analyzes your Mac thoroughly, fixes device issues and clears all junk data remotely using its cloud control features. Using this application it’s easier to even secure data from unauthorized access when it goes into wrong hands. Additionally, Remo MORE assists in protecting your kid’s online activities, locate misplaced device, and lock the device remotely (when lost or stolen) from anywhere with any device and at any time.

Why would Mac laptop slow down?

  • Mac Hard drive is almost full: Nothing could affect your Mac laptop speed more than storing too much on your hard drive. Every day you add new files to your Mac hard drive, but never bother to delete the useless ones. Due to which your laptop memory gets clogged and hence, requires several minutes to fetch a single file reducing your Mac speed.
  • Too much junk data: You might be using your Mac laptop from decades and have stored numerous files. When you open any file or perform and action on your Mac, some temporary files would get created in the form of log files or temp files which would remain in the system even after their respective files are deleted. Accumulation of all such junk files on your Mac laptop also hinders its speed.
  • Too many startup items: When you start your Mac, several apps or widgets would load in background these are referred as startup items. Among these some would by default load but some user might have scheduled. Having too many startup items would take enormous amount of time to load your OS. This not only slows down your startup but even continue to do so while using Mac.
  • Numerous apps running in background: Actually when you launch any application or open any file, various other programs associated with it would also begin to execute in the background. Even after exiting the application these background apps keep running consuming all Mac resources. Because of which your Mac fails to handle even the simple tasks and requires lots of time to respond even to your simple requests.

Just keeping your Mac clean could drastically enhance Mac speed. Nevertheless, in this fast-pacing world who has time to look in to these issues. Moreover, you might have stored thousands of files and folders on your Mac laptop; looking out for each and every file and deleting them is really a hectic job which no one would love to do. In that way Remo MORE stands out to be the best solution. It’s a one-click solution that could analyze your entire Mac laptop, identify issues and fix them in matter of minutes. It is a feature-packed Mac maintenance and speed optimization tool that aims to keep your Mac running in tip-top shape.

Remo MORE features

Remo MORE provides you with the best options to speed up a sluggish Mac laptop and bring the lost charm back. With just one-click, the tool clears all junk files and free up huge memory space remotely. Not just the junk files it can even clear all the other temp files, log files, caches, browser history, cookies and many more useless items that clog the Mac laptop memory.

Its cloud enabled services lets you use the application from anywhere, anytime. Be it your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or any other Mac laptop or desktop, Remo MORE works efficiently. It optimizes the startup items on your laptop and maximizes the Mac booting speed. Some of its excellent features include:

  • Cleans up your Mac laptop remotely in just one click
  • Removes all unwanted apps and even data in matter of minutes
  • Scans and clears up even the Trash Files
  • Boosts and increases Mac memory to a greater extent
  • Even clears browser junk to enhance internet speed
  • Designed with elegant and easy-to-use interface to comfortably speed up your Mac

Not just that; you can do lots more with Remo MORE

Remo MORE is one such app that lets you do more with high performing Mac laptops. Not only you can boost up the Mac laptop speed but can do lots more with this excellent suite using its cloud enabled features. Some of the features include:

  • Remotely tracks your lost or misplaced Mac by raising alarms
  • Secures your data and prevents unauthorized access by its remote locking feature when the device is stolen or lost
  • Let’s you locate it on Google Maps
  • Get breaches on your device
  • Remotely wipes your data on the device when it goes to wrong hands and thus prevents data theft

Remo MORE works completely on cloud Panel and hence can be used not only on Mac laptops but with other devices too. This multi-purpose utility serves the best even when used with other devices on different operating systems. Not just Mac device, you can use this suite to even speedup other devices like Windows desktops / laptops, Android Smartphones / Tablets and even iOS devices like iPhones & iPads. It is a complete device management tool that offers remote assistance to manage multiple devices.

Remo MORE can be used in several cases

  • Remo MORE with you and your family: As you want your device to be new, safe and secure, the same goes with the devices used within the family. Remo MORE would help you out in managing and keeping your family member devices fit and high performing remotely. Parental control options let you block specific apps like chat apps, social media apps or other websites to protect kids’ online activities. You can actually view your family member’s devices when they are on move and locate them on Google Maps.
  • Manage all your office devices: Remo MORE when used at enterprise level can clean up and increase performance of all office devices like laptops, desktops, Tablets, Smartphones etc. remotely. With Remo MORE, you can manage and secure all devices efficiently and fix any performance issues remotely with just one authorized device (admin).
  • Help customers with their devices: Not just your home devices or office devices, with Remo MORE you can provide remote device performance support and fix problems of customer’s device also. You can help customers to speed up their devices and keep them work at its top-most speed using Remo MORE from anywhere and anytime.

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