How to erase internet browsing history?

Do you know what are you searching on internet, is being recorded on your browser? Every time, you surf internet, each visited web site pages gets stored on your system hard drive. Basically is it resided on browser on which you are browsing internet. You may find a list of information about all web pages that you have visited previously and this list is generally referred as browser history or internet history. Browser history contains list of log files, web pages, downloaded files, login details etc. History is used by browser to perform fast surfing and loading of requested web information but there is also a negative aspect of this feature. Using browser history, one can track your searches what you perform on internet. Therefore, if you do not wish to reveal information about internet searches, you must how to clear internet history from browser. Here you will get a complete guidance to perform this job effectively.

Internet history plays very important role in improving internet speed. It contains a local replica of all visited web pages and next time when a request for the same page is submitted, browser will load that page from the cache in spite of downloading the page from internet. In this way, it reduces server’s time to serve the request and offers fast browsing. Additionally, with the help of browsing history, you get power to monitor activities of other user’s. If you are administrating in a company and want to track internet activities of employees, browser history provides you a complete detail about their searches. When you have to work online at your home and need to visit websites which are not suitable for your family members, you can erase internet history.

When it comes about internet history, it is a combination of cookies, download history, cache, web documents etc. If you want to erase internet history completely, you will have to delete all these things. By erasing cache, you can remove local copies of web pages that had been saved on cache during your previous visits. Similarly, you can delete download history to remove list of downloaded items from browser. Cookies are very important browser component to deal with. It contains login details of a user that he uses to visit different websites, in a small text file. Next time when the same website is being visited, there will no requirement of validation and authentication.

However, all browsers come with facility to perform manual deletion of history. User can go through browser settings from where he has option to erase internet history. However, using it does not insure complete erasure of internet history from browser. Therefore, internet users are suggested to make use of an efficient privacy cleaner tool to clear internet history. For this purpose, Remo MORE is the best app for you. It performs deep scanning of browser junk data such as temporary internet files, cookies, cache, web documents etc and removes them automatically. With the smart internet speed enhancer option, you can boost internet speed by improving browser speed.

Steps to clear internet history:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE application on your system. After launching, click on "Optimize" option from Main Window and then from the next screen click on "Privacy Cleaner" option to delete internet history.
  2. On next window, select “Clean Browser Junk” button to delete browsing history as shown in the Figure 1.
  3. Here on this screen, you have to select the browsers from which you wish to erase internet history and click on "Scan" option to proceed with scanning operation as shown in Figure 2.
  4. After scanning is completed, software will show all history items that are there in browser and need to be cleaned. Click on "Clean" option to remove history. Finally, software will show detailed report of deteted history items as shown in Figure 3.
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