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Software to wipe Windows 7 laptop data

As a Windows 7 laptop user you might have come across a situation where you wanted to permanently delete sensitive data due to some privacy concern. If you have files or folders which are containing sensitive data related to your personal life or business and want completely abolish it from your laptop then you have come at right place. Here in this article you will be introduced with a most prominent tool which is famous under the title of Remo Optimizer. The invention of this tool is done with aim to completely wipe out crucial and sensitive data from your computer or laptop.

We will discuss about this tool in details, but let me first discuss about the reasons behind completely wiping data from a system.

First and the most necessary reason of completely wipe out data from laptop or PC is security of sensitive data. Suppose, you are working in an organization where data safety is given highest priority and you have some sensitive data related to work and want to delete from your laptop so that nobody else can access it. If such type of data falls in wrong hands, then they can misuse it and you may find yourself in a very awkward situation. Obviously this type of incident can put you at dangerous side. Therefore, to maintain security of useless yet private and sensitive data at highest level, it is best practice to wipe it out from laptop. Doing so, you can eradicate any possible misuse of your personal data by intruders.

If you are going to handover your laptop to somebody else then, it is good to permanently delete all your data from laptop hard drive so that the person you are giving your laptop cannot recover it by any recovery mean.

People do have a misconception that if they have deleted files or folders from their hard drive then it is deleted forever, but this is not a proper way of permanently deleting private data. Data deleted in this way can be recovered with the help of recovery software available today in market. Thus if you delete your data without using a tool then it can be recovered. Thus you should use Remo Optmizer suite which comes with Privacy Cleaner tool that is developed to completely wipe out data from hard drive.

Remo Optimizer tool is developed to meet such type of need like completely wiping data from laptop hard drive or other storage device. It has a very reliable and robust algorithm which completely scans the hard drive and performs multiple times overwriting process. This is developed with a nice user interface which helps users. This tool uses standard wiping methods to wipe out data from hard drive of laptop. Remo Optimizer has earned much appreciation from the world wide users for its superb and reliable performance. It is suggested by many veteran industry experts for wiping out data from HDD. If you are also in search of a tool to erase data from your system then do make use of Remo Optmizer.

Steps to completely wipe out a Windows 7 laptop

  1. Download and install Remo Optimizer software in your system and then launch it. Select Tools option from main screen and from next screen select Privacy Cleaner option as shown in Figure 1.
  2. Select Clean Free Space from next screen of Privacy Cleaner and hard drive and click on next button as shown in Figure 2.
  3. From this screen select wiping method and click on proceed button as shown in Figure 3.
  4. Remo Optmizer starts wiping data from your Windows 7 laptop as shown in Figure 4. Once this process is done you will get the completion message.
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Safe and Secure
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