Zip video files on Windows 8

If you have large amount of videos on the hard drive of your windows 8 computer and want to compress them, so that it will occupy less memory space, then you have come at right place. Here you will learn a technique to ZIP video files on Windows 8 based computers and laptops. As we know that hard drive of computer is the most important part of computer and presence of unnecessary data on it can create a problem, when you may run out of memory. Thus, it is better to use a tool which can compress video files on your Windows 8 hard drive in an effective way in just a couple of seconds. Before we discuss anything about the tool, let me point out why we need to compress video files in Windows 8.

Advantages of compressing video file on Windows 8

By compressing video files into single file you can achieve many benefits. Suppose you want to send a video file as an email attachment but its size is larger than what an email support, then by compressing that video file you can easily send it as an email attachment.

In addition to this, if you have large collection of videos on your computer then you can compress it together in a single file. And, by compressing these video files you can gain considerable amount of space on your Windows 8 hard drive. Thus you can save the lot of storage space. By compressing video files into small file, you can even improve the performance of the computer.

You can put password to your ZIP file, so that it cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person. Hence you can achieve security of your video files. You can easily transfer compressed video files to another device in case you want to back up. It takes less time to transfer from your system to another storage device.

How to compress video file on Windows 8?

Compressing video files is not a simple task. If you do not carry out it carefully, then chances are high that you might lose the content of your original files. Suppose you are using a compression tool which is not reliable then chance of data loss is pretty more.

Thus to perform a lossless compression you should make use of a tool which uses standard algorithm of compression. Remo MORE is a tool which comes handy to compress video files on Windows 8 computer within few seconds. It gives you an option to select the type of compression method and easily ZIP all your selected files into a single compressed file. It is developed by experienced software developer with a special robust and reliable algorithm. You can browse and locate files on your system which you want to compress with MORE. It asks you the destination where you want to save the compressed file. You can get MORE from internet without any charge. It has revolutionized the software industry and has become a buzz word.

Steps for compressing video files on Windows 8:

  1. Download and install MORE on your computer. Launch the tool and select the "Manage" option from home screen and then choose "Compress & Burn" from next screen as shown in Image 1.
  2. Choose ZIP option to compress video files and from next screen choose "Create New RZip File" as shown in Image 2.
  3. From this screen select Browse tab and define the destination where your newly created compressed video file should be saved. After that you can select archive type and compression level. You can also set password for your ZIP file from this screen as shown in Image 3.
  4. From this screen, you have to choose video files that you want to compress as shown in Image 4.

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