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How to Defrag Windows 7 Laptop?

Nowadays everyone prefers to have their own laptop. The main advantages of laptops over desktop computers are that they are highly portable and be carried from one place to another with ease. Laptop computers are super-fast and very reliable. However many users complain that their laptop has slowed down after few months of purchase. And it will be a very frustrating situation when a single file copying or transferring process takes hours to complete. Are you facing the same problem with your laptop? Then just read this article and find an easy way to solve this issue. Nevertheless, before getting to know on how to overcome the problem, let us all first learn what a disk defragmentation means, advantages of disk defragmentation and of course software used to solve the problem.

Disk defragmentation:

Disk defragmentation is is a process which is carried out when a laptop or computer starts performing slowly due to an unordered arrangement of the files on the disk drive. When we add a file or delete a file from our laptop what happens is the existing files on the disk drive get randomly arranged which makes it difficult for the OS to locate the file. This condition is termed as fragmentation of the disk drive. Therefore in order to overcome this condition defragmentation is carried out.

Advantages of disk defragmentation:

There are numerous advantages of defragging a Windows 7 laptop, some of them are listed below:

  • It substantially improves hard disk performance
  • Increases laptop hard disk life span
  • Speeds up your laptop and in turn increases its performance
  • Your Windows 7 laptop starts to load more faster and etc

How to Defrag Hard Drive using Disk Defragmentation

Step 1: Open “Control Panel” and then go to “System and Security”

Step 2: Now, under “Administrative tools” option, select “Defragment your hard drive” option

Defragment Hard Drive

Figure 1: Defragment Hard Drive

Step 3: In the consecutive window select the disk to defrag and click on “Analyze Disk” option

Analyze Disk”

Figure 2: Analyze Disk

Step 4: Wait until the disk is analyzed; after completion click on “Defragment Disk” option

Task Manager

Figure 3: Defragment Disk

Step 5: Then after defragmentation is completed, you can schedule the process by clicking on “Configure Schedule” option, you will receive a screen in which you can set the timings.

Task Manager

Figure 4: Schedule Defragmentation

There might be many other techniques to perform Win 7 laptop defragmentation. But most of the techniques are quite unreliable and many times they fail in performing this task completely. Some tricks may even even lead to the damage of the already existing files which is completely undesired. That is why many industry experts recommend reliable software such as Remo Optimizer, which is popular tool to defrag Win 7 laptop.

The best software to defrag Windows 7 laptop

Remo Optimizer is an amazing Disk Defragmenter for laptops running on Windows 7 operating system. This utility easily searches fragmented files from laptop hard disk and arranges them in continuous memory sections. In addition, the tool works on read only mode which ensures no damage is made to the data on your laptop. Furthermore, apart from Windows 7, the tool can also be easily installed on laptops running on Windows XP, Windows Vista and even on the latest Windows 8.

Simple steps to defrag Windows laptop with Remo Optmizer:

Step 1: Download the software and install it to your Windows 7 laptop. Launch the application and select “Tools” option from the main screen as illustrated in Fig1.

Step 2: Select “Drive Defrag” option from the second screen as illustrated in Fig2.

Step 3: Choose the drive that you want to defrag as illustrated in Fig3.

Step 4: Software starts analyzing the drive as illustrated in Fig4.

Step 5: As the analyzing process gets completed you will receive a success message. Now you need to select the defragmentation method as illustrated in Fig5.

Step 6: After this select defrag full drive radio button and click on forward arrow as illustrated in Fig6.

Step 7: As soon as the defragmentation process gets completed, the software starts analyzing the drive. After the accomplishment of this process you will receive a message that analysis is completed as illustrated in Fig7.

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