Secure and Quick Way to Defragment a Computer

The computer hard drives have spinning platters on which, data is stored in different places. When you write data on hard disk, it will be stored as a blocks ordered sequentially. However, fragmentation happens when a single file is split among the blocks that are far away from each other. The hard drive then takes more time to read that file since the read head has to visit multiple blocks on the platter. Therefore the defragmentation is needed to put all the blocks in sequential order so that the read head need not to run around the entire platter to read a single file.

If you are running a program containing hundreds of files that are fragmented across the platter, then it can degrade your system performance. As the group of files fragmented on your hard drive, the computer takes longer time to assemble all the files necessary to run the program. This is where the computer defragmenting concept comes in. It rearranges files sequentially on your hard drive, which cuts down the time needed to access files.

How to Defragment a Computer?

When the computer becomes slow, the less experienced user will get panic and start to do erratic things like deleting files. But it is absolutely unnecessary because it all happens due to fragmentation of hard disk on your computer. In order to defragment your computer, just you need to make use of defragmentation software. One such popular application used to defragmentation is Remo MORE software. This software is absolutely free, which can enable the user to defrag computer within a few minutes. You just run this software and follow the appropriate options for accurate defragmentation result.

How Does Remo MORE software Works?

The MORE software is integrated with a secure and reliable Drive Defrag application. First it will let you to analyze the free space, fragmented data and contiguous data on your hard disk. Based on the detailed analysis report, you can go through the “Quick Defragmentation” or “Deep Defragmentation” options. The quick defragmentation is a fastest process used to defrag files such as document files, photos, videos, music, etc. The deep defragmentation is used to defrag complete drive, it is a time consuming process. After defragmentation, you can compare the result with the previously fragmented hard disk.

The MORE supports to defrag a computer where Windows or Mac operating system is used. It works effectively to defrag files or drives on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. One can also run it for defragmenting Mac computer having Mac OS X 10.5 or any other latest version. This is supportive towards all types of file systems such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+, HFSX, etc.

Tips to avoid fragmentation on your computer

1. Update the software and drives present on your computer so that it can increase your system performance as well as avoids fragmentation.

2. Uninstall unnecessary programs installed on your computer

3. Avoid too much use of your computer for multitasking.

4. Defragment hard disk regularly using secure software like Remo MORE.

Steps to defragment a computer

Step 1: First install and download this software on your computer. Run it by double clicking on the desktop icon and select “Manage” option from the main screen as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: From this Window, select “Drive Defrag” option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: Select drive and click on "Analyze" button to analyze the fragmented files as shown in Figure 3

Step 4: Once the analyzing process is completed, select either “Quick Defragmentation” or “Deep Defragmentation” option based on your requirement as shown in Figure 4 to start the defragmentation.

Step 5: After completing the defragmentation, it will analyze the drive again and display a pop-up message as shown in Figure 5.

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure
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