Clean browsing history on Galaxy S4

Every time you visit internet through your browser, a copy of visited webpages are stored on browser which is known as browser history. This is useful as well as harmful depending upon the situation. Today there are many Smartphones which gives you facility to browse internet. All these Smartphones supports browser and you can enjoy the same browsing experience as you feel on computer. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of those, which offer the internet browsing facility. If you are browsing Internet on S4, then it also keeps history of your visited web pages under browsing history. You can view the history any time about what are the pages you have visited in the past.

What is the advantage of browser history?

Browsing history keeps a local copy of web pages visited by you on your Phone memory under the folder of browsing history. It helps to load web pages faster and loads pages from browser instead of downloading from web server.

Why to delete browsing history from Galaxy S4?

As I have already mentioned that browser history keeps a local copy of webpages you visit online, thus after a long period of time your browser history becomes large in size which in turn gets stored on your phone memory space. Since phone memory is limited and you cannot store a lot of data on it, it is required to delete all junk data from your phone so that you can get some memory space on it. This is why browsing history is deleted from Galaxy S4. Another reason behind the deletion of browser history on galaxy S4 is to achieve privacy. Browser history keeps record of all your activity that you do online, thus any one can easily find out what are the sites you have visited and can access important information from browser history.

Advantage of deleting browsing history on Galaxy S4:

By deleting browsing history from your Galaxy S4 you can achieve security and privacy of your work that you perform online. There will be no clue for others to track your online activity by referring browser history. Apart from privacy, you also gain memory space on your phone storage device. After deleting browser history from your phone its performance also gets increased.

Thus, deletion of browser history is useful in many ways. You can delete browser history from your Galaxy S4 by using its inbuilt features. Another way of deletion of web history is to use an automated tool which can easily delete browser history from your galaxy S4 in just a matter of seconds. Remo MORE is a well-known software which is capable enough to erase browsing history from your Galaxy S4. It is built with a robust algorithm which easily tracks out history and produces a detailed list to you with an option to delete it. You can decide which data to delete and which to retain from this list. MORE is available without any charge and famous for its satisfactory performance across the globe. In case you are looking to delete your browsing history from Galaxy S4 then you can use Remo MORE for better results.

How to Delete Browsing History on Galaxy S4?

  1. Once you Download, install and then launch Remo MORE software on your Galaxy S4, a window will pop up from which you need to choose the option of "Optimize". Then from the next screen you need to choose the option of "Privacy Cleaner" to go to the next step. Once you get the next window choose "Clean History" option from it as shown in Figure 1.
  2. After all these, a window will pop up from which you need to choose "Clean Browser History" option. Then a small pop up window will appear asking you to confirm the same. You just have to click on "OK" to clean browser history as indicated in Figure 2.
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