Easiest way to delete junk files from Android

When it comes about junk data, it is can be found in any stoarge device if the user is not performing maintenance work regularly. From the time user owns Android phone or Tablet, it’s performance goes down day by day. You may also experiencing the same when operating your Android device. Accumulation of junk files on your device can be a reasonable factor for slow Android. Junk files may be present on your device in different form. These are not any specific type files but those which are not being used from long time. Usually, presence of such unneccessary data leaves negative impact on your device in different ways. First of all, junk data covers an amount of memory space that can be utilized for storing new files. It is a well known fact that if a device is running out of memory, it’s performance will be dull. So it is necessary to delete junk files on Android to save memory space and to make it run faster. Below are some tactics which are useful in removing junk files on Android device:

  • There may be copies of files on different memory location on your device. Identify and erase them.
  • Remove or uninstall those applications that are really not needed by you. For example games, different browsers, media players etc.
  • You can clear browser data such as Cookies, Cache, address bar, bookmarks, plugins, history etc on your Android device.
  • SMS and call logs take not much memory but still it is good to keep them clean to free memory on Android.
  • Also you should clean Google maps search record, Google market search record, clip board record etc from your device.

To perform complete erasure of junk files on Android, you can find number of tools on internet. Remo More is one such application that is strongly recommended Android performance booster by professionals. Software scans the device throughly and lists out entire junk data. You just have to make a click to delete junk files on Android. The most effective Android system tool that cleans browser junk such as history, Cache, Cookies, call records, map history, mail history, duplicate files and SD card garbage to save memory space and boosts your Android device performance. An easy to use and cost effective app that comes with a set of powerf features to resolve Android system issues. It assists Android users to delete junk files from phones and tablets of all popular brands such as Samsung, Sony, htc, Micromax, LG etc

Steps to clean junk files on Android:

Step 1: First download and install this software in your Android device. Now launch this application and choose "Optimize" option from the main window as shown in Figure 1

Step 2: Now, select "Clear Junk Files" option as shown in Figure 2

Step 3: To remove the junk files, click on "Clean Junk Files" option as illustrated in Figure 3

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