Application to Erase Android App History

Nowadays most Android apps are available free in Google Play store, which are utilized regularly and frequently by user. Some of the popular Android apps are WhatsApp, TrueCaller, Hangouts, KoolSpan Trustcall, including antivirus, messaging, gaming, browser apps etc. Whenever you install an Android app on your device, it creates a history file, which stores all activities we do in that app. This history file can not be accessed or located manually. Thus if to erase Android app history you can make use of third party application like Remo MORE. This application can efficiently locate history of any Android app and prompts you to delete them and keeps your privacy intact.

Why should we erase Android app history?

Consider you using WhatsApp Android application in your mobile and you regularly use this application to chat and send and receive data from your friends. All these information is stored in the Apps history. Keeping privacy factor in mind you would delete history on daily basis but some downloaded images, videos, and other files still remains in your device. Thus, they consume your device space and even it causes your phone to run slowly. In addition, it is very difficult to locate and delete these infomation manually in your Android phone. Hence, it is best to get assistance from third party application like Remo MORE, which scans your device fully to locate all Apps history and deletes them permanently.

Brief introduction to Remo MORE application

Remo MORE is a freeware and most reliable application to erase all Android apps history permanently from all Android devices such as Smartphone, Tablets, etc. This application comes very handy for erasing cache, history, bookmarks, call log, clipboard, SMS, free space, etc. All these things can be cleaned at a time by utilizing Remo MORE one click option. Thus by utilizing this application, we can keep our device performance always good. In addition, some users fail to perform all those instructions due to lack of knowledge about navigating devices. In such situation, by utilizing this Remo MORE application you can easily wipe off all history forever in a few steps.

Guidelines to erase App history on Android:

Step1: Download and install Remo MORE application on your Android device and launch this application. Choose "Optimize" option from main screen as shown in Figure 1
Step2: Now click on "Privacy Cleaner" option to delete all apps history from your Android device as shown in Figure 3
Step3: Now click on "One Click Clean" option to start scanning your device and to delete history shown in Figure 2
Step4: At last, you will receive a pop up window with confirmation message stating the successful deletion of all App history.

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