How to erase history?

History generally keeps record of web pages visited recently as well as the applications you have used on your computer. It contains detailed information like date, time and many more things related to your activity over a period of time. With the help of history, you can easily track the details of individual’s activity on computer. However, there are many reasons for which you may need to erase history from computer. If you wish to remove history in order to avoid other people (whose computer you are using) from watching the activity you have done on computer then you should delete history from your computer. Remo MORE is a useful tool which can easily erase history from your computer easily and quickly.

How important is history for any user?

There are certain good reasons of having history, because history contains both offline and online activity details. Offline history stores information like which application you used, what files or folders you accessed and which software you have installed or uninstalled, which tool you work with at what time and date. Thus, with the help of history you can easily track the activity of a computer user. This gives a way to administrator of an organization to monitor their employees work on computer.

When it comes to monitor your online movement on a computer then web history, which is stored in browser comes handy. It also works as remainder, for example a cookie stored on visitor’s computer by web server allows the website to remember the preferences of user for next time for the same page request. And the customized page is served to the user. Apart from this, you can also track the individual’s activity on internet with the help of history very easily. This comes handy specially monitoring a child’s activity on internet by their parent or in office it can be used to find out the details about an employee’s internet usage activity.

Why one should delete history?

As we know that history contains the information of online and offline places that an individual has visited over the period of time. A web page contains a lot of information hence it occupies a lot of memory space on your computer’s hard drive. Thus, consuming memory space on hard drive slows down the speed and performance of computer. Apart from memory space and performance issues, there is another concern which history gives birth, that is security and privacy. History of computer gives a chance to the hackers to trace the page you have visited on the Internet, as it keeps details of all your activity. These details could fall in the hand of wrong persons and may lead into cybercrime especially if you are using public computer or sharing your computer with other people.

Although, browsing history helps in many aspects, but erasing your history makes sure that cyber criminals have nothing for tracing your activity and misuse it. Because, all your activity details gets deleted when you delete history, leaving no clue for hackers.

There are many ways you can erase your history from computer, you can achieve it manually or automatically by use of some reliable tools. Most of the users prefer deleting their computer’s history by aid of tool to save time and effort. Remo MORE is one such powerful tool which is specially designed to clear history and other confidential data from computer very easily. It is very easy to use and highly recommended by various industry experts for erasing the history from your computer.

Steps to use Remo MORE for erasing history from computer:

  1. Download and install Remo MORE software on your system and launch it. After launching, select "Optimize" option from Main Screen. From the next screen select "Privacy Cleaner" option to erase history from your computer.
  2. Then next select “Clean Browser Junk” tab to erase history as shown in the Figure 1.
  3. Now from this screen select the the browsers from which you want to erase history and click on "Scan" button to proceed with scanning process as shown in Figure 2.
  4. After scanning, software will display junk items that are there in browsing history and need to be deleted. Click on "Clean" tab to remove those items. Finally you will get the detailed report of deteted items from different browser's history as shown in Figure 3.
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Safe and Secure
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