Permanently erase video from SD card

SD card is a small and portable data storage medium which is used in mobile, camera, Smartphone and others devices to store data. This card is capable to store different type of files including image, audio, video and documents. If you have private video files on your SD card which you want to delete permanently from SD card then formating is not sufficient. Formatting deletes all data from SD card but still there is a chance that you can recover deleted video files with the use of data recovery tool. Hence, you need to use a tool which can wipe out video files from your SD in such manner so that no recovery tool can get it back.

What happens when you wipe out data from a SD card?

When we delete files or folder from SD card, only file entry is deleted from file system of SD card and marked as available to store new data on it. And data still exist there which can be recovered by means of recovery tool. It is advised that do not let your trash become someone else’s treasure; wipe your video files from SD card. Thus when you wipe out video from SD card then it is deleted at binary level and multiple times overwriting the SD card so that video file is completely abolished. Wiping process use standard shredding method defined by Industry.

Why to erase video from SD card?

If you want to hand over your SD card to someone else and if there are some very private videos stored on this SD card then wiping is the best option to maintain privacy.

Another reason behind permanent deletion of video file is when you want to sell your SD card. Before selling SD card erasing SD card data is necessary for security purposes. If you sell your SD card without wiping data from it then chances are quite high that your data can be easily recovered. And thus it can be misused by third person and put you in problem.

How to erase video file from SD card?

Remo MORE software has ability to completely wipe out video files from your SD card. This tool is developed with a very robust algorithm which uses sanitization standards defined by industry standards. MORE suit has become the first choice of users across the world. It is developed by highly experienced software professional and recommended by many veteran industry experts.  It is completely free and gives best performance when you want to erase video files from SD card. You can also use this tool to erase data from hard drive and other USB storage drives.


Step to erase video from SD card:

  1. Download and install free version of Remo MORE. Launch the tool and select Manage option from main screen and then from next screen choose Data Wipe option as shown in Figure 1.
  2. As soon as you click on data wipe option a new window will appear. From this screen select File Eraser option and from next screen Erase Files/ Folder option as shown in Figure 2
  3. Then from next screen select Add Files option and locate the video file from SD card which you want to permanently delete. After selection of video file click on Erase button to proceed as shown in Figure 3. Choose the wiping method from next screen then click on Proceed option.
  4. Once the file is erased you will get a message.

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