Secured Way to Recover Missing/Deleted Dropbox Folder

Remo File Recovery software, the ultimate solution to recover your deleted Dropbox files and folders. This tool is well equipped. user friendly and promises results under any circumstances.

Dropbox, a "Cloud Storage" provider is used for file storing, syncing online and backup solution. Anything you “drop” into Dropbox folder syncs online in Dropbox servers. But what happens when you delete a file from your Dropbox Folder itself? Will this reflect your Cloud account?

The answer is “Yes”, the file will disappear from your Dropbox account as well. However, if you’re lucky enough and take action before 30 days, you may get it back. Or those files are as good as dead.

Where lies the problem?

Dropbox files can be anywhere on the hard disk. Generally they are kept on the drive where our OS is located. If these files are accidentally or purposely deleted; the data synced to its cloud counterpart will also be deleted.

How to salvage the situation: Finding deleted Dropbox folder

Remo Recovery software is apt for such situations. It can successfully recover lost files and deleted files from Dropbox with ease. Once, it is recovered, you can restore files in your local hard disk and then eventually you can sync it back to your Dropbox account in no time.

In order to recover deleted files, you have to download the Demo Version of Remo Recover Software for Windows and Install it.

  • When you RUN the software, you will see two large icons appearing on your screen i.e Recover Deleted Files from any device/ storage media and Recover Deleted files from any selected drives/partitons .Choose the option according to your need. dropbox recover file1
  • You will be redirected to the second screen shortly; where you will be asked to choose the drive which contains your Dropbox folder. recover dropbox file 2
  • Here,you will be able to view the list of recovered files inside your Dropbox folders. recover dropbox file 3
  • The tool allows you to view your recovered data on the basis of file type. recover dropbox file 4
  • Now that you have found your folder , you can easily restore it back by purchasing the software and going ahead with the restoration process. recover dropbox file 5

Here’re some of the precautionary measures that you’ll not like to miss:

  • Keep your Dropbox folder clean by properly naming files that will help to manage files in better way.
  • Prefer option “Upload” on “Sync” as Dropbox keeps copy of files that is being uploaded. Ensure to back up Dropbox Folder and files that you’re working offline.

Though Dropbox provides the best security features to ensure you don’t lose data, still sometimes it is unavoidable. Either due to some internet connection issues or dropbox application crash etc. there are chances of corrupting your video files. However, all your videos corrupt after sharing to dropbox can be fixed with the aid of Remo Repair MOV tool. So, while using dropbox make sure you have backup copy of your videos.

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