"From few weeks I am working on my official project report using Microsoft Word application. Today, while working suddenly my application started to freeze and I encountered an error message stating "Word file not responding". So I terminated my system and restarted it. When I again tried to access it I am not able to do open it. I can't afford to lose the information in the document. How to fix this word document issue?

Microsoft Word application is one of the best Word processor software used widely which is developed by Microsoft. User can easily create, edit or modify documents that are created by MS Word application. This software saves all files in DOC and DOCX file formats. However, Word documents are more prone to corruption due to which Word file may not respond causing severe corruption situation.

When important Word file is not responding then user may get panic and wonder how to fix a Word document that is not responding. But now onwards don't panic as user can easily repair Word file that is not responding by using some good Word file repairing software. In that way, Remo Repair Word is an excellent software to fix Word documents that stopped responding due to several reasons. It has the abillity to fix any sort of issue in simple clicks to render a healthy Word file.

Why Remo Repair Word utility?

Remo Repair Word utility is the right option to repair inaccessible Microsoft Office Word documents. This repairing software works on read only mode thus original Word file is not damaged during repairing process. Also, it can easily fix word files of both DOC and DOCX formats in few simple steps. This Word file repairing software supports repairing of Word documents that refuses to open due to any sort of corruption. Along with fixing Word file, it also recovers all its attributes like text, formatting, OLE objects, hyperlinks, tables, graphs and many more.

This software will easily mend corrupted Word file that are created using latest versions of Microsoft Word like MS Word 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. User can easily preview repaired Word file before saving process. Apart from this features, user can also use this software to repair Word files from external storage drives like external hard drive, pen drive, thumb drive, memory cards, etc. Additionally, it works smoothly with all latest versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8 system. Repaired files can easily be stored in any accessible drive.

Common Scenarios causing word file corruption

  • Termination of Application: If there is sudden termination of Microsoft application when working on Word file due to power failure or power spike then it is possible that Word document may get corrupted. Thus, this may lead to Word file inaccessibility.
  • Malicious Threats: There are possibilities that malicious threats may damage header of Word documents which is responsible for opening the file. This makes the Word file corrupt and thus user will not able to access it.
  • Incompatibility: Sometimes, Word file may not be incompatible with the version of Microsoft Word application and user may try to open it forcefully which may lead to severe Word file corruption.
  • Software conflicts: Due to conflicts between other third party software and Microsoft Word, Word file may start freezing and stop responding. Thus, it may lead to severe Word file corruption.

In all these instances Word file might get corrupt and stop responding. Some times when corruption is severe word document denies to open! Even under such instances Remo Repair Word will help you in repairing such severely corrupt word files in an easy way with in few minutes.

Safety Measures to be avoid Word File Corruption:

  • Keep additional copies of important Word file
  • Protect system and files from virus by using antivirus software.
  • Terminate Microsoft Word using proper procedure.
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