How to Fix Audio-Video Sync Problems in AVI Files

Recently I have captured video during my friend’s marriage occasion using my handy cam. Later, I converted that video file extension to AVI and deleted original file from camera and system. However, that converted file facing audio video sync problems if I played on any supporting media player. This video file is important and I am not getting anything how to this problem. If any of you know it please suggest some solutions. Thanks in advance…

This is one of most familiar and normal problem in AVI files that are being faced by many users and lost their videos that were captured during wedding, birthday and other occasion. Really, it is heart breaking situation and even it makes user feel very bad. But, nowadays no need to worry at all because now technology has been improved lot and come up with solution to fix any issues in AVI files including audio video sync problems while playing on any supporting media player. By utilizing Remo Repair AVI application one can easily fix audio and video sync error in a couple of minutes and finally you will obtain healthy and audio-video synchronized AVI file.

What are things create audio-video sync problem in AVI file?

  • When file is severely attacked by virus and malware threats
  • Trying to play a file on unsupported media player
  • Ejecting connected USB drive from system while AVI file is playing from it
  • Switching off PC while playing AVI file

Audio video sync error in AVI files that can be easily fixed with the making use of Remo Repair AVI application in a matter of minutes. Initially this application takes replica of original file and separates audio and video frames. Later fixes any sorts of problems found in them. Finally adjoins them to give audio-video synchronized healthy playable file on any supporting media player.

Steps to fix audio video sync problems in AVI files

  • First download demo version of Remo Repair AVI application and install on system successfully
  • Launch the application and click on Browse button to select your AVI file
  • After choosing file click on Repair button
  • Now application starts scanning and repairing file
  • Once this step over you can preview repaired file along with file size, tracks, frames, duration, and codec
  • Finally click on Save button and provide location to save that repaired file

Caution: After fixing errors in AVI file do not store that file in any infected storage media and even do not attempt to play that file on inappropriate unsupported media player.


  • Always play AVI file on healthy and supporting media players
  • Scan AVI file with updated antivirus program
  • Utilize high bandwidth internet facility while downloading AVI file
  • Backup essential files in external hard disk


  • Do not store AVI file in infected storage medium
  • Do not convert file frequently from one extension to another
  • Do not attempt to play files

Additional info: you can utilize Remo Repair tool to fix broken file on your PC in simple steps. It supports various file formats such as MOV, AVI, Word, etc. Click on link to learn more...

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