How to Fix AVI File on Mac

AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave, is an admired multimedia container file format utilized for watching standard definition videos on both Mac laptops and desktops. AVI files enclose audio and video data in a file container with chunks or blocks using some compression techniques that permits synchronous video with audio playback. It also supports DVD video file format.

However due to some unforeseen logical reasons or human faults AVI files get damage or corrupt soon in Mac based systems. Once AVI files get corrupt it will not get play in any media player. In this esteem there is a misapprehension among numerous users that once AVI file gets damaged it cannot be fixed. Therefore they end up just by sending them to Trash Bin folder but in reality this is erroneous, one can effortlessly fix corrupted AVI files by making use of best AVI Repair software like "Remo Repair AVI" and make those files to run appropriately.

Before understanding steps to repair AVI files, let us have a look over common reasons behind AVI file corruption:

  • Amending File Extension: AVI files might get damaged if the amending technique is not appropriate. Normally, there are two ways for altering or amending AVI file format, one is utilizing third party tool and other is manual method. In both methods if something went incorrect then there are chances of AVI file corruption. 
  • Incorrect PC Turn Off: Abrupt system shut down due to sudden power surge or power failure when AVI file is in play mode leads to vigorous end of program so for this reason header of AVI file gets damaged or broken and results in unplayable on any media player.
  • Download Error: While downloading AVI files from internet if any interruption occurs there might be chance of corruption. Imperfect download or interruptions like system failure, power surge, virus assault and so forth makes AVI file corruption.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are several other reasons responsible for AVI file corruption. The only remedy to get over from all these issues is to make use of Remo Repair software because it has the ability to repair damaged files and adjoin video and audio data stream side by side.

Why to Opt Remo Repair?

Remo Repair is considered a proficient AVI repair tool according to industry expert’s faith. The software is developed with incorporated influential algorithms which can examine a faulty file and fix it to a functional one. By utilizing this tool, you can fix corrupted AVI file on all versions of Mac operating system like (Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Leopard and Lion) without any problems. This program is simple to use and requires only 50 MB space for installation but most prominently it fixes AVI files in short duration of time.

How to Fix AVI files utilizing Remo Repair AVI?

  • Download and install the demo version of application on your computer. Double click on shortcut icon to launch the software on main screen and pick the files that required to be fixed
  • Psychoanalysis of the elected file starts, followed by the fix procedure. After the file repair is finished, a new window appears with a preview option to view the fixed files.
  • If the repair procedure meets your expectations, then you can go for full version to get access to recovered file.

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