Repairing Scratch Disk Error on Photoshop File

Is your Photoshop not letting you to access it? Are you getting Photoshop scratch disk error while opening Photoshop application on your Windows machine? Don’t you know how to fix this error on your hard disk? Then continue reading …..

Normally Photoshop application uses your hard disk as scratch disk. Photoshop utilizes your hard disk as temporary "swap" space, or virtual memory, when the PC does not have enough RAM to carry out an operation. Consider you have one partition on your hard drive then that partition will be your scratch disk where your operating system is installed. However, you might get error like Scratch Disk Full while accessing Photoshop files. Later, this error does not let you to access the application. Now, the question is how to fix Photoshop scratch disk error. By following the below mentioned instructions on your system, the error can be fixed.

  • Delete Photoshop Temp Files
  • Clear Disk Space
  • Defragment Your Hard Disk

After performing the above instructions on your system, you can fix Photoshop scratch disk error successfully. However, due to this error there are chances that your Photoshop files will get corrupted and eventually become inaccessible.

Then, how to fix these corrupted Photoshop files? Is there any reliable application to fix files successfully? Obviously, there is an efficient tool called Remo Repair PSD can fixes any corruption issues in Photoshop files in matter of seconds. This tool fixes both PSD and PDD extension files of Photoshop versions ‘Photoshop 7.0’ and ‘Photoshop 6.0’. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac machines successfully.

More about Remo Repair PSD tool

  • User-friendly application to complete fixing process successfully
  • Comprises of simple steps in fixing corrupted or damaged Photoshop files
  • Performs safe fixing process on your machine without damaging
  • Provides free online tech support for 24*7 hours

Supported Photoshop versions: Photoshop5.5, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7, CS, CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 & CS6

How Remo Repair PSD tool helps in fixing Photoshop files for scratch disk error?

  • Download and install the Remo Repair PSD tool on your PC
  • Launch  the application and welcome screen appears with option to Browse the corrupt Photoshop file Figure a
  • Select the corrupt or damaged Photoshop file that you want to fix and click on Repair option
  • Tool begins scanning process and fixes all corruption issues found in files Figure b
  • Once fixing process completes, you can view the fixed file using Preview option provided  in it
  • Finally, Provide proper location to save file Figure c

Note:Before purchasing a full version of Remo Repair PSD application, try its demo version and check whether your corrupted PSD files get repaired completely or not. You also need to check whether the files corrupted due to photoshop scratch disk full error are accessible or not after being repaired.

Additional Info: Lost Photoshop temp files on Mac? Then just click here to understand the complete Photoshop temp file recovery on Mac, in just few simple steps.

Other various reasons behind Photoshop file corruption:

  • Photoshop application files also get corrupt or damage when severely attacked by virus and malware programs.
  • When you attempt to modify a Photoshop files in a infected Adobe Photoshop tool also consequences in Photoshop file corruption.
  • When you attempting to create or modify Photoshop file keeping it in USB pen drives if unexpected power failure happens will also consequences in Photoshop file corruption.

Click on given link and learn how to fix damage files using Remo File Repair tools in simple steps...