Easy Methods for Fixing Video Distortion after Windows 10 Upgrade

Video distortion after Windows 10 upgrade can be solved by installing drivers in compatibility mode. If drivers already in compatibility mode, then use Remo MOV Repair tool to fix distorted video file.

Many people have encountered video distortion after upgrading to Windows 10. According to them, they have experienced a video where one side is covered by horizontal line where as another part becomes distorted. If you are one among them who are facing video distortion, then this article is for you.

If you are facing video distortion right after upgrading to Windows 10, then it must be the issue of driver incompatibility or video corruption. In this article, we will show you all the possible manual and automated methods to fix video distortion after Windows 10 upgrade.

Installing Drivers in Compatibility mode: -

Most of the time, video distortion problem arises in Windows 10 due to driver incompatibility. So, use drivers in compatibility mode. Follow the steps mentioned below to install drivers in compatibility mode-

  • Download the drivers and right click on setup file
  • Choose properties and then select Compatibility tab
  • Select Run this program in compatibility mode option
  • Also, select the OS and click Ok
  • Now, install the driver

Once you have installed required drivers in compatibility mode, play your video. If the problem still persists, then you need to fix your distorted video using Remo Repair MOV tool.

Repairing Distorted Video using Remo Repair MOV tool: -

One of the other reason for Distorted video is corruption. If video is damaged during Windows 10 upgradation process, then it shows such unusual behavior. In this case, you need to repair distorted video using Remo Repair MOV tool. It helps to fix distorted MP4 and MOV video in a few clicks.

Complete Step by Step Guide to Fix Video Distortion after Windows 10 Upgrade-

Remo MOV Repair tool provides simple steps to fix distorted video file after Windows 10 upgrade. Follow the onscreen instructions to download, install and launch the tool on your computer.

  • Click on Healthy File and Corrupted File button to choose respective file
  • Healthy file and corrupted video file should be recorded from the same camera
  • After selecting respective video files, hit Repair button to initiate the repairing process
  • Soon after completion of the repair process, it prompts you with a confirmation message
  • Then, view your repaired file and save it in any safe location

More About Remo MOV Repair Tool-

  • Fixes corrupted, unplayable and broken MOV file in no time
  • Provides easy steps for fixing audio delay in MP4 and MOV video
  • Helps to fix MOV file shot using various cameras or camcorders, such as Kodak, Canon, Pentax, Sony, and so on
  • Repairs videos clips recorded with the help of iPhones and GoPro cameras

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