Word File Repair Tool

  • Safely repairs and recovers contents from corrupted .doc and .docx files
  • Safe repair process - original contents of doc and docx file remains intact
  • Reliable tool to repair corrupted Microsoft Word documents
  • Robust software designed to fix simple to severely corrupted Microsoft Word files

Fix corrupted Word files

Microsoft Word is word processing software allows you to create many business and personal documents like resumes, letters, flyers etc. The documents that are created using Microsoft Word can be saved, edited and printed after formatting according to user needs. Microsoft Word is a part of a collection of application programs developed by Microsoft called as Microsoft Office. Microsoft Word is more commonly used compared to other types of word processing software because, it posses unique features that helps to create good documents. Microsoft Word files have .doc or .docx file extension.

The .doc or .docx files may get corrupted or damaged due to several reasons. Do not worry, because Remo Repair Word can fix word documents that are severely corrupted or damaged. The software can safely repair Word file, which is corrupted due to macro virus attack, power failures, abrupt system shutdown etc. Word fix tool repairs MS Word file then recovers contents from it. The recovered contents are stored in new Word file to ensure safety of original file.


  • Repairs MS Word files created using MS Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2010
  • Repairs .doc and .docx files that refuse to open due to corruption
  • Intuitive and user friendly graphical interface that does not require the user to have tech know how
  • Repairs corrupted Word files then extracts embedded images, bullet lists, hyperlinks, fields, charts, tables etc from the repaired Word files
  • Repaired word files can be previewed using preview option before purchase
  • Once the repair process is completed, repaired Word file can be saved on any storage device

Common reasons of Word file corruption:

Editing contents of Word file on Removable Media causes Word file corruption: Generally, when you open Word file, it creates and uses temporary files. Among those files, many temporary files end up in the same folder where the original Word file is being edited. Temporary files are frequently being opened as you edit the original word file, which may sometime exceed the size of removable media like floppy disk, CD’s etc. Once the Word file runs out of your removable disk storage space, your Word files may get corrupted.

Word file corruption due to Macro virus: A Macro Virus is a computer program that generally infects the header section of Word files. When you open infected Word files, it executes the virus commands that are present on header of the Word file. These virus commands may change the current font or font style, can insert unwanted text, and can also infect other Word files that are stored in your computer resulting in corrupted Word documents.

Removing removable disk without closing Word file causes Word file corruption: If you have not closed Word files properly and ejected the removable disk where those files are stored, then those documents may get corrupted. Generally, MS Word does not reassemble the file until and unless it has been fully closed.

Word files corruption due to sudden power failures: Sudden power failure is the common reason that may result in Word file corruption. Turning off the computer without closing the Word document may also result in Word file corruption.

Process: How to fix corrupted Word documents?

Remo Repair Word is a repair tool, which can repair corrupt DOC, DOCX files. Incase if you are looking to recover deleted DOC, DOCX files then download either Remo Recover (Windows) or Remo Recover (Mac).


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