Repair ZIP Archive Issues

“I recently downloaded a program which was in ZIP file format, however this ZIP file was very large and took more time to get downloaded. Once I saw that the file was downloaded I tried to open it but I was denied access to it (the following error was prompted when I tried to open the file “The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted”) I cannot download the file once again because the size of the file is too large and can take long time, thus instead of downloading the file once again can anyone suggest me the best solution so that I can repair the existing ZIP file and save the time”

This kind of situation will happen due to ZIP file corruption however the corrupted ZIP file can be easily repaired by making use of Remo Repair ZIP application. There are many reasons due to which a ZIP file will get damaged and some of them are very common which are as mentioned below.

  • Virus Attack: A ZIP file can easily get corrupted due to virus attacks resulting in loss of all the contents within the ZIP file. Virus attack is occurred due to download of ZIP file from untrusted website, file shared by a virus infected device etc.
  • Download error: When a ZIP file downloading process is interrupted due to any kind of interruption then it can result in damage of file
  • File header Corruption: File header consists of information which are required for accessibility of the file. Hence if the header of ZIP file is damaged then the file will become inaccessible to the user
  • Incorrect program: Compressing or uncompress of files should be performed using some trusted reliable tool thus if you use any incorrect tool to uncompress or compress the files then the program may damage the  ZIP files

These are some of the common ways of ZIP file corruption, thus if you come across any such situation where you are unable to access the ZIP file then don’t worry because Remo Repair ZIP application can effortlessly fix all the issues related to ZIP file and make the file to be accessible to the user.

Features of Remo Repair ZIP application

  • Supports all major version of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and many more
  • Has the ability to fix large sized ZIP file and additionally repair the ZIP file which are not accessible due to bad CRC
  • Can repair ZIP file format such as ZIP and ZIPX, more over it can even repair a password protected ZIP file which is corrupted
  • Facilitates you to fix a ZIP file which is located in removable storage devices like USB drive, memory card, external hard disk etc.
  • Once the ZIP file is repaired you are facilitated to preview the recovered data that was lost due to corruption of ZIP file 
  • Provides you with simple to use graphical user interface which can help any novice user to accomplish the task very quickly

Steps to fix a ZIP file

  • Download and install trial version of Remo Repair ZIP application on your computer
  • Run the app and click on Browse option in order to locate the corrupted ZIP file
  • Once you provide the path of corrupted ZIP file then click on Repair Option to start the scanning process
  • After the scanning is completed successfully then preview the recovered data using Preview option
  • In order to save the recovered data you may have to purchase the licensed version of this product because the trial version does not allow you to save the recovered data

Additional Info: ZIP and RAR files are the two main types of archive files, thus if in case you find your RAR archive is corrupted then you may easily repair broken RAR archive within minutes.

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