Deleted Picture Recovery on Laptop

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Nowadays preserving photos have become more likely a trend due to the advancement of social media website, file sharing apps, photo editing programs and much more. However pictures can say lot more as it stores your memorable moments in just a small file, and due to its less space consumption it can be stored and used in portable devices like laptop, USB drive, memory card etc. Moreover by utilizing a laptop you can effortlessly transform or modify photos into more convenient form. But at times you may land up in some situations where you may find your pictures deleted or you yourself may delete the file unintentionally, apart from this situation you may come across many other situation which are described in the below section.

Other reasons of photo deletion

  • Anti-virus program is a very effective tool when it comes for safe guarding your laptop or computer from the malicious program or other harmful viruses. But at the same time it does not care about the infected file is whether important for the user or not, it just simply removes the infected files from the computer
  • Whenever photos are transferred from one device to other there should be no interruption because this interruption can lead to loss of some data from either of the devices
  • If a file is deleted then first and foremost thing which a user has to do is to look into recycle bin or the trash folder, and if the file is not present there then this can put the user in much critical situation. However at times a user may empty the recycle bin or trash without even noticing the presence of important files, this situation where a user can lose all his important files

These are some of the commonly occurring situation which can result in loss of your precious photos, however there is a solution to recover all the deleted photos by making use of an advance recovery tool such as Remo Recover (Windows / Mac).

Exceptional features of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

  • By making of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) you can effortlessly recover all your deleted files from the laptop or computer within some minutes
  • Apart from computer this application has the ability to retrieve photos from XD card, SD card, , CF card, MMC card and many more
  • This software comes with great set of interface, by using this interface you can efficiently recover or complete your task
  • Supports many kind of photo file format such as JPG, TIF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PSD, GIF
  • It is a virus free software which consume less space for installation in your computer hard disk

Useful tips:

  • If you are transferring huge amount of pictures then make sure there is sufficient amount of power backup when there is abrupt power failure
  • Avoid accessing photos in a virus infected computer as it can lead to corruption of the photos
  • Always make sure that you have backup of your essential files in safer location or rather online storage or in external hard disk

Additional Info: Laptop users usually carry external hard drive to store their pictures and other important data. However there may be chances of data loss due to format but by suitable tool you can easily retrieve pictures from formatted hard drive, to know more how to recover the data just click on the link which is provided.

Simple steps to retrieve deleted photos

  • Download and install trial version of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) in your computer or laptop
  • Run it and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Select appropriate options depending on your situation and choose the drive from which you want to recover the files
  • After successful recovery make sure you don’t save the recovered data on the same drive
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