Recover Lost Files from Lenovo ThinkPad Recycle Bin

Restore Lost Files from Lenovo ThinkPad

You must be aware of the function of a recycle bin, is. Yeah! The recycle bin is a folder where all your deleted files get stored. It indeed, is the best place to keep the files deleted from your Lenovo ThinkPad X230. And that's because you retrieve it at will, provided you have deleted it recently. What if you want to recover a file which has been deleted months back? Will it still be there? Chances are remote. And that's because a recycle bin too has a capacity. Once it gets crammed, it pushes the older files into the hard drive. So, when you are not able to find an old file in your recycle bin, it means the bin has pushed it into the hard drive to make ensure there is some available space in it. Has your file disappeared forever? You will be under the impression that it indeed has. The good news is that it hasn't. You can get back the missing files from the hard drive of your PC with the help of data recovery application like Remo Recover software.

Lenovo ThinkPad X230 is well known for its outstanding features. You get quick access with this machine as it runs 40% faster than any other Windows 7 PC. It supports 4G ultra-fast wireless connectivity. The crowing feature arguably is its battery which gives a backup of nearly 24 hour. The dual array microphones and 720p HD webcam are two other features which make it very desirable. Because of these extraordinary features, the going for you, with your Lenovo ThinkPad X230, has so far been very smooth.

Files which are missing from recycle bin can recovered only by using file recovery software. Remo Recover (Windows) Basic Edition is one such file recovery tool which can restore files which were missing from recycle bin. This edition of the tool recovers all files such as documents, videos, and limited number of music and image files. It not only recovers files from ThinkPad but also helps to restore files from pen drives, USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives etc. To know more visit Remo Software official website, download the software and follow the steps as given in website and recover your lost files. If you are satisfied with the results you can later purchase full version of the software.

Unless you are too sure, it is safer to delete files with the delete key. And that's because it takes your files to the recycle bin from where you have an easy option to restore it. But with a shift delete command you straightaway drive your file out of sight.


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