How to Increase Android Nexus 5 battery life?

The Google Nexus 5 is one of the most popular trending Smartphone available today.  This is the one best looking display available on any Android device with the updated Android Operating System and it has provided with best features but user worried about its battery life  because its drains very quickly.  Hence, it is now significant for the Nexus 5 users to act cleverly and proactively to handle the energy in their Android device batteries. Here are some of essential tricks to boosting your Nexus battery life. Learn here..  

  • Switch off auto brightness features in your Nexus 5
  • In recent version of android, Google introduced feature in all allowed apps to determine user’s location using Wi-Fi even when it is switched off. Hence, turn off this feature by checking option against “Scanning always available”.
  • Nexus 5 is default configured to work on 2G, 3G and other networks. Suppose if any of these networks are not available then make sure to switch off your phone to save battery.
  • Disable synchronizing on Google Services you don't use
  • Uninstall apps that you no longer utilize
  • Disable unwanted system apps
  • Disable all vibration alerts
  • Disable voice recognition
  • Disable automatic updates
  • Disable push notifications
  • Avoid live wallpapers

Performing above-mentioned steps you can save your battery life up to 20 to 30 percent. However, who will follow all these instructions daily and you should be aware of steps to do it. Most of the user does not find time do it and few of them bored of following these steps daily.

What is the best way out to fix battery life issue on Nexus 5?

No need to worry at all you can easily fix this issue by utilizing third party app like Remo MORE. This app performs all the above-mentioned steps efficiently and provides customize to your phone to save battery power. However, this application is very simple to use and more user friendly in nature thus it helps all user to access this tool on various versions of android devices such as Ice-cream sandwich, Jelly Bean, Ginger Bread and many more. 

Guidelines to boost the Nexus 5 battery life

  • Download and Install Remo MORE app on your Nexus 5 Smartphone completely
  • Now, from the main screen choose "Manage" option as depicted in Figure 1
  • Next choose "Power Manager" option from the second screen as depicted in Figure 2
  • Click on "Add" option to add your own profile as depicted in Figure 3
  • Do the necessary changes and then click on "Apply" button as depicted in Figure 4
  • Lastly  a profile will be created that saves your phone battery from unwanted consumption as depicted in Figure 5
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Safe and Secure
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