Perfect Solution to lock apps on Android Tablets

In recent days, Android Tablets have become one of the most widely used gadgets. Be it your personal use or business use, Android tablets are the best for any one. Due to its amazing features; you might have numerous apps on your Android tablet. Many a times, you might don’t have to share your apps with others. Also, even your child might well use your Android tablet at some point in time. Hence there is a need for restricting the access to the apps on your Android tablet.

Of course there is a screen lock to your tablet; but how far does it help protect your privacy? Just think you had to hand over your tablet to your friend or colleague for an important work or you left your tablet unlocked and went out on an emergency call! Under these situations, your tablets will be in unlocked state and any one can use it or take control of your apps. For example, if your were using Facebook app on your Tablet then any one who has the access to your tablet can easily access your account and post statuses, edit settings, share posts etc. on behalf of you on your wall!! Isn’t this scary!!

What can be done now? The only solution for this is to lock your apps individually!! But how to lock apps on Android tablet is that so simple? Yes, it is very easy to lock your apps on Android tablet and let only the selected apps to be accessed by others. This is possible with the aid of a freeware called Remo MORE. It is an ultimate app that lets you protect your privacy by locking your sensitive apps on your Android tablet.

Using Remo MORE you can set a lock to your apps by providing a strong master password. The next time when you want to access the app, the exact password has to be given, failing for which you will not be able to access any of the locked apps. Thus, the unauthorized users will not be allowed to access any of your apps that are password protected with Remo MORE. Moreover, using this Remo MORE app you can easily lock any number of apps with just one single password.

Additional traits of Remo MORE

Remo MORE is a one-stop solution that secures your apps from being accessed by unknown users. Even after locking the apps, you can easily lock the app or unlock then in just with just a single app. In addition, with this app you can even lock your sensitive photos, videos, and other files on your Android tablets. Most importantly, the UI is very elegant and easy-to-use so that even the novice user can effortlessly use the app. It is compatible on all available versions of the Android OS like Gingerbread, ice-scream sandwich, KitKat and many more.

Steps to use Remo MORE to lock your Android apps

  • Download the Remo MORE app on your Android tablet and install it
  • When you launch the tool, main screen with four options will be displayed from which you need to choose “Manage” option as in Figure 1
  • Then just tap on the “Locker” option in order to lock the apps as depicted in Figure 2
  • Now, from the consecutive screen, choose “Apps” option as in Figure 3
  • A list of all the apps installed on the Android tablet will be displayed, mark the one need to be locked and tap on “lock” button as illustrated in Figure 4
  • The app will now be locked, when you tap on the lock symbol again, the app will be unlocked refer Figure 5

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