How to Extract Invalid ZIP File?

Updated on April 13, 2022

In this article you'll find ways to fix ZIP archives that encounter error message like "Cannot open the file: it appears to be an invalid archive" in few simple clicks. Also as a bonus get to know how to repair ZIP files that shows errors like bad CRC, archive is corrupt, unknown compression method, etc with help of Remo ZIP Repair Tool.

After downloading ZIP file from internet, have you ever encountered any error messages like “Cannot open file: it appears to be an invalid archive”, “The compressed (zipped) folder ‘’ is invalid or corrupted" etc. while extracting. In such cases, it is very common to conclude that corrupted ZIP archive cannot be extracted and it's content are gone forever.

ZIP files popularly called as ZIP archives among users are nothing but compressed folder with .zip or .zipx extensions. This file is majorly used to store several files of related data under one roof due which transferring, emailing or downloading larger files becomes easy. However, ZIP files are prone to corruption easily under certain situations and one such example is getting error messages while accessing ZIP files like discussed above.

What causes for ZIP file corruption?

  • CRC Error - It is a technique basically used to check the efficiency of file transfer process. If there occurs any mismatch in CRC values of original and extracted file, then it is sign of ZIP file corruption
  • Corrupt Storage Media - If the place where ZIP archive is stored gets corrupted due to increased number of bad sectors or any kind of logical error is another reason for ZIP file corruption
  • Abrupt shutdown - While performing ZIP file compression or decompression, if the system shutdown abruptly then Zip file gets corrupted

Likewise, we find numerous other reasons like use of unreliable third party applications for extracting ZIP file, external threats and so on are the other reason for ZIP file corruption. Whatsoever may be the reason for ZIP file corruption that causes invalid archive error, Remo Repair ZIP can overcome it and fix ZIP files in few simple clicks.

How to Fix Corrupt ZIP file using Remo Repair ZIP tool?

Remo Repair ZIP software scan ZIP file for identifying errors and fixing errors using its built in scanning algorithms. This tool will not alter original content of ZIP file during repairing process. It has self-explanatory interface that help users during the file repair process. This application will repair encrypted, password protected and large sized ZIP archives on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 & 2008, Windows 2000.


Steps to Repair Invalid ZIP Files using Remo ZIP Repair:

  • Download and install trial version of Remo Repair ZIP software and launch it by double clicking on the software icon.
  • From the main screen select corrupted Zip file which is to be repaired by using "Browse" button.
  • remo repair zip
  • Next, Click on "Repair" button to start the repair process
  • select zip file
  • After scanning you will get a list of files / folders from the compressed archive
  • scan zip file
  • If you are fulfilled with the result then purchase the full version of the tool and save the repaired ZIP files in any desired location
  • Save valid ZIP file

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