Optimizing PC memory

If you are a computer user who had been experiencing low PC performance or if your programs are not responding then it is really an irritating thing. If you are an expert user then you can detect and solve the issues related to PC performance but if you do not have much knowledge about system then your option is limited. You have to live with the problems or pay somebody to repair these issues. But fortunately there exists a tool which can easily solve your PC issues including memory issues. If your hard drive memory is full from rubbish data or is not being used in optimal way then above mentioned problems take place on your system. Remo Optimizer software which is an amazing software developed by highly qualified software professionals does not require any skills for its operation. Anybody can use this tool on PC and software does the rest of the work of cleaning and optimizing memory.

What is PC memory optimization?

One of the main reasons behind the slow performance of computer is the lack of RAM. As we know that for a program to be run it must be present in the main memory which is nothing but RAM. If there is less memory than required by a program in RAM then you cannot run this program. However, by bringing the concept of virtual memory you can easily run that program but it directly contributes in decreasing the performance of computer.

Thus it is important to remove unnecessary programs from main memory so that more free memory will be available for program that needs to run. This process of cleaning unnecessary data from RAM and secondary memory is termed as optimization of PC memory. It improves system’s performance and helps any program run faster.

How to optimize memory of your PC?

You can free up memory space on your computer by deleting unnecessary files or folder from hard drive. Avoid running many programs at a time, it consumes RAM memory space and divides it in small parts and hence it decreases the performance of system. Minimize the programs that get loaded into memory automatically at the startup of PC. These are the things you can do manually to optimize memory space.

Steps to be followed to free up system memory on Windows

Below is the complete procedure to free up your PC memory and optimize your system.

  • Open “Control Panel” and in the search box type “Task Manager”
  • Then, click on “View running Processes with Task Manager” link located below “System” option

  • Task Manager
    Figure 1: Task Manager

  • Now, the task Manager Windows opens up just click on “Performance” Tab to know the details of CPU usage and processor speed

  • Windows Task Manager
    Figure 2: Windows Task Manager

  • Click on Processes tab and select the unnecessary process and right-click on it. from the drop-down list just select “End Processes”

  • End Processes
    Figure 3: End Processes

  • Then again go to Performance tab and check the RAM usage which should be drastically changed
  • In case you want to make any process to run faster then go to “Process” tab, select the process that is to be optimized

  • Right-click on the process and select “Set Priority” and then choose either “Real Time” or “High”

Optimize Process Speeed
Figure 4: Optimize Process Speed

Thus, by following these steps you can easily optimize your entire PC. Whenever, you feel your system is slow, you can make use of the above steps. The above mentioned ways of optimizing memory on PC take a lot of time and effort, thus to save time and effort users interest is inclined towards a utility which can easily and simply perform memory optimization of PC.

Remo Optimizer tool which is built on top of a robust and highly advanced algorithm that can easily perform memory optimization task. It is designed by top class user interface designers to make it a handy and highly interactive tool. The Best thing about Remo Optmizer is that it comes absolutely free of cost. It can solve all type of PC performance issues. It gives step by step guide to the user to carry out memory optimization task. MORE software is the one by making use of which you can schedule you PC to perform memory optimization process on a regular basis.

Simple steps to optimize PC memory:

  1. Download and install the Remo Optimizer utility on your system and launch it. The software starts scanning the drive as in Figure 2
  2. Software starts analyzing the memory of your PC as shown in Figure 2.
  3. Once you get the next screen just hit the "Fix Issues" option. After some time you will be able to see a popup message indicating that the optimization process is successfully completed Figure 2.

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