Recover lost folder in Outlook Express

  • Recover deleted DBX files after accidental deletion
  • Deleted DBX files can be restored like any other file type
  • Recover deleted DBX files when you have permanently deleted them from "Deleted Items" folder

Recover lost Outlook Express Folder

I just deleted a folder in Outlook Express! I had created this folder to store email to a certain address, and by accident deleted the whole folder, instead of the latest email. What can I do to recover a lost folder in OE?

If you just deleted the folder, and haven’t emptied your Deleted items folder, it should still be there. Just undelete it. But if you have emptied the Deleted items folder as well, you will require a good file recovery software, for recovery of your deleted OE folder.

Recovering deleted .dbx file is relatively easy with REMO Recover software. Remo Recover (Windows)software is designed for recovering accidentally deleted files including dbx files. The software does not demand any technical or advanced skills from the user, as it can recover lost / deleted dbx folders & Windows Live emails with just a few mouse clicks.

Follow the steps given below, to successfully recover lost Outlook Express folders.

After the deleted folders are successfully recovered, you can import them into Outlook Express.

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