How to Recover Data after Formatting?

I am using a western digital 500 GB hard drive for my PC with 2 partitions. Two days back I formatted the hard drive twice. I didn’t save any data in between the two formatting. After formatting only I realized that I left out some data while backing up. Now I need those left out data hardly. Is there any easy way to recover data after formatting a hard drive? If so please help me with that…

Recovering data from a formatted hard drive is hard and if the hard disk is formatted twice then it’s a big knotty loop of data cluster. To recover data after formatting from these weird situations is a little tricky task but possible if a perfect recovery software is employed for this job. Normal data recovery software with a sluggish mechanism can ruin the available data permanently. So it is wise to use a power packed legitimate recovery software to recover formatted data. Remo Recover software is one of those kinds outfitted with such powerful mechanism. A detailed explanation and working of this software is provided below.

How Remo Recover Works?

Whenever a hard drive or a storage device is formatted only the file system is cleared and MBR is rearranged. Data that are stored in that drive or partition will be available and remains inactive until and unless a new data replaces it. If these data is overwritten then it is hard to recover the formatted drive. Remo Recover uses the most influential algorithm to recover data from formatted hard drives and other storage devices. This algorithm pulls out all kind of data like media files, office files etc from the hard drive after formatting.

Sophisticated features of Remo Recover:

  • Recovers data from formatted drives in both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • All files formats including files with unique extension also can be recovered after format
  • Provides preview option for certain file formats to assist the user
  • Restores formatted data from all storage devices such as hard disk, Pendrive, Flash drives, Memory cards etc
  • The file names and folder structure of the formatted data is preserved so that the user can easily identify their files

Some weird scenarios supported by Remo Recover:

  • Restores data from formatted hard drives that are corrupted before formatting
  • Restores data from formatted drives and other storage devices that are formatted repeatedly
  • Recovers data from drives that are formatted using third party software and disk management utilities
  • Recovers data files from the formatted hard drive that has a unique file extension
  • Restores corrupted files from the formatted hard drives
  • Restores data from memory card that is formatted using any Android phones
  • Efficiently performs data recovery from Android phones

How to use Remo Recover?

  • Get the Remo Recover software demo version by clicking the download link provided here and install it in either Windows or Mac operating system
  • After completing the installation start the recovery process
  • In the main window select the option “Recover Drives” and click “Next
  • In the next window choose “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery
  • A new window with the list of available drives and partitions will appear choose the needed drive
  • The software will start scanning the drive and list the previous files systems that are used on that drive
  • Select the list of file formats that need to be recovered from the formatted drive
  • Now Remo Recover will pull out all the data from the formatted drive and displays along with its file name and folder structure
  • Save the session
  • After saving the session if satisfied by the functionality of the software purchase the software and haul out the recovered data from the saved sessions

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