Guide to Restore Data from Damaged Western Digital Hard Drive

Remo Hard Drive Recovery software securely restores data from Western Digital hard drive that is corrupted. The software can also be used to recover data from other popular brands of hard drive, such as Seagate, Buffalo, HP, Sony, etc.

"Dear friends! I have been using my Western Digital hard drive with 1 TB storage capacity since from 4 months without any issue. But today when I attached my WD HDD to system to transfer some data it stated an error message saying that the drive needs to be formatted. To know the exact problem behind error message I tried on another computer but same result. Now I want to know, is there any possibility to get my data back? If yes, then please assist me the solution ASAP! I would really appreciate and thanks in advance."

Well, don’t panic! There is probably more hope than you think to get back data from damaged Western Digital hard drive without having to send the HDD to data recovery services. Yes! You heard right because by utilizing best and trustworthy Hard Drive Recovery Software like Remo Recover you can safely restore data from corrupted WD HDD with few clicks of mouse.

Tool to Recover Damaged WD Hard Drive- Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software:

It is well-suited to recover data from Western Digital hard drive. It supports data recovery from WD hard drive formatted with different types of file systems such as FAT16, NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT32, exFAT, etc. In addition, this utility will assist you in systematic manner to retrieve data from formatted drive and RAW WD hard drive in simple steps. Apart from WD hard drive data recovery, you can also make use of this tool to get back data from other brands of HDD like Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi, Buffalo, Seagate, Iomega, Wiebe Tech Mini, etc. without any difficulty. You can restore data from corrupt or damaged WD HDD on all major versions of Windows operating system including Windows 10.

Here is the Complete Guide on How to Recover Data from Damaged WD Hard Drive-

Step 1. Download, install, and launch the trial version of the tool on your system. Connect the damaged Western Digital hard drive to the system whete the software is installed

Step 2. From the main screen, select “Recover Partitions” option

Step 3. Then, a list of available drives in the system will be displayed. Choose the Western Digital hard drive from the list and hit "Scan" button to proceed further with the recovery process

Step 4. Now the software scans the WD hard drive to find lost/damaged partitions in the hard drive

Step 5. On the completion of scanning process, a list of found partitions in the hard drive are displayed

Step 6. Now, choose the partition from where you want to recover data and click "Scan" button to initiate scanning process

Step 7. Once the software completes the scanning process, a list of recovered files are displayed in "Data View" and "File Type View" formats

Step 8. Prior saving the recovered files, the software allows you to preview all the recovered files with it's "Preview" option

Step 9. Now, if you find all the files from the damaged drive are recovered back, and happy with the results, then activate the complete version of the tool to save the recovered files at the location of your choice

Common reasons where you need to recover data from Western Digital hard drive are highlighted below:

  • WD HDD damage due to bad sectors: Bad sectors are nothing but spots on WD HDD in which data becomes unapproachable due to logical glitches (Damaged). These bad spots will not permit you to get files enclosed on it, whenever you try to get that data, the system gets hang for longer time and even leads to data loss.
  • Inappropriate Ejection of WD HDD: Abrupt removal of Western Digital hard drive from system or laptop at the time of data transfer process at times results in corruption of device.
  • Other Reasons: Severe virus attack, format error messages, files system corruption, unintentional formatting, MBR corruption, usage of untrustworthy third party tools, etc.

Useful Tips:

  • On regular interval of time scan your WD hard drive with authorized antivirus software to get clear from virus intrusion
  • Make use of “Safe Remove” option o eject WD hard drive when connected with computer
  • Don’t make use of third party applications for creating partitions on Western Digital hard drive
  • Don’t use your WD hard drive after data loss situation
  • If your WD device is not getting detected, then unplug the power cable and reconnect it

Note: The recovered files should be saved on the any locations other than the affected WD external hard disk.

Additional Information: By making use of this software you can even recover USB flash disk with short span of time. To get complete information on recovery process clcik on the link.

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