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Best Software to recover data from corrupt Windows 8

At times, while working on your Windows 8 machines your PC might shutdown and displays a screen with an error message stating:

“A Problem has been detected and Windows 8 has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer


If this is the first time you have encountered such error then just restart the system. If you encounter the message again then check all the installed hardware or software”

This indicates the Windows 8 OS corruption. However, at first the error might be fixed by restarting the system. But, this is not a permanent fix; such instances might occur repeatedly. If such error messages occur regularly, then there are huge chances of losing your vital data from your Windows 8 PCs. Occurrence of such error messages indicate the corruption of your Windows 8 OS.

Due to such instances you would lose your Windows 8 data. So how to recover data from corrupted Windows 8? However, you don’t have to worry much; you can easily restore your entire data in just few minutes. Before going to the recovery details, let us know the reasons that lead to Windows 8 corruption.

Causes for Windows 8 corruption

  • Severe virus infection to your Windows 8 machines
  • Incomplete Windows 8 installations
  • Accidentally deleting the critical Windows 8 installation files which renders your Windows 8 as unbootable
  • Failure or interruptions while executing Windows 8 updates
  • Partition table corruption will also make your Windows 8 corrupt

What could be the solution to get the data back?

Above listed are some of the commonly encountered situations that cause Windows 8 corruption. There would be many more instances like abrupt system shutdown; severe power outages etc. or sometimes the reason might be unknown. However, there is no need to worry you can easily recover your data back with the help of Remo Recover (Windows) software. The tool works excellently and restores back all your lost data from the corrupt Windows 8 with the aid of its powerful scanning algorithms. It scans your Windows 8 drive rigorously and extracts all your lost data in just few minutes with utmost ease.

More features and abilities of Remo Recover (Windows)

Remo Recover (Windows) software can easily restore any kind of data including text and media data. Whether it is your Word documents, excel spreadsheets, photos, songs, videos any other types of data including their different formats like PNG, GIF, MOV, AVI, and many more.

  • Capable of recovering your entire data quickly and with utmost ease
  • Supports recovery of data from FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT and other file systems
  • Enables you to save the scanned information and helps you to resume the recovery process in future when essential without having to rescan the drive
  • Even after recovery the tool has the capability to identify the type of files with the aid of the file’s unique signature
  • Provides free preview of all the restored files with its free trial version
  • Ensures safe and complete data recovery without damaging any of the file
  • Compatible on all available versions of Windows OS like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and many more...

Procedure to use Remo Recover (Windows)

Remo Recover (Windows) could excellently perform the recovery process in just few easy steps. The entire recovery process requires a couple of minutes. It even offers the best and user-friendly GUI to ensure smooth and comfortable recovery.

  • Download and install the Remo Recover (Windows) software on your Windows 8 PC
  • Launch the tool and from the main screen choose the “Recover Partitions / Drives” as in Figure 1
  • In the consecutive window like the one in Figure 2 , select the appropriate option
  • Now, select the drive from where you need to recover your data
  • After scanning and extracting the data, the result will be displayed as in Figure 3
  • Then preview the recovered data and select only the required ones for saving
  • Save the selected files at any location of your choice

Remember: Do not save the recovered files on the same drive from where you recovered your data, use a healthy drive for saving the files.

Additional Information: You can even make use of Remo Recover (Windows) software to restore data even after Windows 7 format disk error with just few mouse clicks.

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Safe and Secure
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