Software to Retrieve Data from Laptop which Stopped Working

Restore data from laptop which is not working by using Remo Laptop Disk Recovery tool. The software scans the entire laptop drive to quickly recover data from laptop which stopped responding. Even files from laptop after crash, factory reset, OS reinstallation, etc., can be recovered.

Your laptop suddenly stopped working and you have no idea how this happened. Important data is present in the laptop’s drive, but now you are unable to access them. You are worried that your laptop data is lost forever. Stop worrying as it is possible to get back data from laptop which is not working with the help of Remo Laptop Disk Recovery software.

Recover Data off a Laptop which is Not Working using Remo Laptop Disk Recovery –

The tool will scan entire laptop’s hard drive which has stopped working to recover lost data. All documents, ZIP archives, photos, songs, Office files, and other files and folders from laptop drive will be retrieved in a short while. The application supports data recovery from various laptop brands such as Lenovo, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Dell, Samsung, and many others.

Method to Restore Data from not Working Laptop Drive –

  • Download and install Remo Laptop Disk Recovery software on a healthy system
  • Launch the application. Connect dead laptop’s hard drive as a slave to the system on which software is installed
  • From the main screen select Recover Drives option followed by Partition Recovery option in the next screen
  • Choose the drive from which data have to be recovered and click on Next button to start scanning process
  • After scanning is completed, the list of recovered files is displayed. View the files using Preview option and save them on a location you prefer

Remo Laptop Disk Recovery tool will sort the recovered files based on file name, date, file size, and type. It provides a Find option to search for specific files from the recovered files list. With the Save Recovery Session and Open Recovery Session options, you can pause and then resume the recovery process at a later time. This avoids rescanning of the drive.

Few Instances due to which Laptop Stops Working –

  • Improper installation of operating system
  • MBR corruption
  • Frequently rebooting laptop hard drive
  • Registry file corruption
  • Improper formatting / reformatting, system crash because of application conflict, etc.

Under these situations, Remo Laptop Drive Recovery comes handy to restore data from dead laptop. In addition to recovering files from laptop which is not working, Remo Hard Drive Recovery tool also retrieves data from deleted / lost / corrupt partitions, crashed hdd, repartitioned drives, RAW drives, and so on. It even supports data recovery from memory cards, external USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods, etc.

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Safe and Secure
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