Recover Deleted Draft Emails from MS Outlook

Updated on July 07, 2023

Accidental deletion of draft emails or losing unsaved emails in Outlook is a prevailing issue these days. If you are one of those who are looking to recover deleted draft emails in outlook. You have ended up in the right place. Make use of Remo Repair Outlook PST, a tool that can flawlessly recover draft emails in Outlook and can also fix all sorts of issues with the PST files with absolute ease.
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How to Find Drafts in Outlook?

While you are drafting a new mail in Outlook and close it abruptly. A window pops up on your screen asking you to save the changes made. When you click on Yes, the email gets saved in the Drafts Folder.

Why can’t I find Drafted emails in Draft Folder Outlook?

A few of the common complaints we receive on a day-to-day basis include:

  • Lost draft email in Outlook
  • Outlook saved email not in the draft
  • Outlook draft email, disappeared
  • Draft email disappeared from Outlook
  • Outlook draft disappeared
  • Outlook drafts missing

The main reason why you can’t find draft emails in outlook is that you have drafted a mail but forgot to save it. That‘s why many Outlook users won’t find drafted emails in the draft folder in Outlook.

Other Reasons why you are unable to find draft emails in Outlook.

1. There can be many situations in which you delete your email. Just imagine a situation where you have typed a lengthy email that needs to be sent in the earliest and even send it in hurry. But when you check the sent items folder, sent items didn’t appear in the sent folder. Under such circumstances, you feel confused. Actually, what has happened is instead of hitting the “Send” tab, mistakenly you might have hit the “Delete” tab. Now you have deleted your email draft on Outlook accidentally and mistakenly.

2. You might have closed the application even before the mail was actually sent.

3. There was a network issue while sending the drafted mail.

4. There are other situations in which your Outlook might crash unexpectedly while sending or Composing your important emails.

5. You may even terminate Outlook abnormally without closing your open mails. which also leads to the deletion of your draft emails on Outlook.

6. Virus infection or malware attack on the file system will also infect your PST file thus resulting in the deletion of your vital emails. Virus attacks can also make your Outlook application abnormally like Outlook closed draft without saving.

If you have saved an email but didn’t find it in the draft folder. The reason can be either the composed mail was sent or it was deleted from the draft folder.

The above-mentioned scenarios are the reasons why your Outlook draft emails get deleted. So, the common question that arises in the minds of users is can you recover a deleted draft in Outlook? The short answer is Yes, kindly refer to the next section to find out how.

How to Find and Retrieve Deleted Drafts in Outlook?

All of your manually deleted emails and draft emails are moved to the Deleted Items Folder. So when the question is about recovering unsaved email drafts in Outlook, recovering lost emails, or restoring deleted drafts in Outlook. Deleted Items Folder is the answer.

How to Recover Deleted Drafts in Outlook?

1. Click on the arrow “ > “ button above the inbox option, to expand the folder pane.

2. Click on the Deleted Items folder.

click on the deleted items folder

3. A list of all deleted items (sent mails, received mails, drafts) will appear on your screen.

4. Select the item(s) to recover.

  • For only one item: Right-click on the mail that you want to recover.
  • For multiple items: Hold the Ctrl key and right-click on the mail and simultaneously press the c key.

5. Click on Move > Copy to other folder.

click on move and copy to folder option

6. Select the folder where you want to restore the selected items.

Note: We highly recommend you select:

  • Sent items folder, if you want to restore any sent mail.
  • Inbox, if you want to restore any received mail.
  • Drafts folder, if you want to recover any deleted drafts.

7. Click on the OK button.

You can find the restored items in the selected folder.

How to Recover Deleted, Lost, or Unsaved Emails Draft in Outlook?

In case you have hard deleted or emptied your Deleted Items folder, then the chances of you finding the emails is almost zero. No, I am not scaring you, it’s a fact! However, it's only temporary deletion, as I said earlier you can recover deleted emails or messages in Outlook with the help of the Remo Repair Outlook PST tool.

Remo Repair Outlook is the best solution to recover Outlook draft email:

Irrespective of the situation, you can easily restore your deleted files with the help of this all-in-one tool, Remo Repair Outlook PST It can easily retrieve your draft emails from all various versions of Outlook including the newest versions 2021, 2019, 2016, and older versions like 2010, 2007, etc.

"Absolutely delighted with the Remo Repair Outlook (PST) program recently purchased. After a full computer crash, I had to reinstall Windows 10 & MS Office 2013 and lost all my emails covering quite a number of years. Absolute disaster for my personal and business. However, with a little assistance from Matt Leipus at Remo I've been able to retrieve ALL my emails all correctly in their folders. Expensive, but worth it. I am 74 years old, so Matt was very patient with my non-PC knowledge. Many thanks."-Mr. S Astins, February 16, 2022

Source: Trustpilot

In any case, if your PST file has gotten corrupt due to any reason, there is no need for you to worry this brilliant tool can even repair your damaged or severely corrupt PST files. You can even restore deleted Windows Mail emails and contents using this tool.

5 Easy Steps to recover deleted draft email in Outlook using Remo Repair Outlook:

Step 1: Download the Remo Repair Outlook (PST) on your PC and install it.

Step 2: Launch the tool by double-clicking on the desktop icon, in the main screen you can view three option"Open Default PST File”, “Select PST File Manually” and “Find All Your PST Files” among them choose any one option based on your requirements. We recommend you select the Find All Your PST Files option, and Hit Next.

Select Find All Your PST Files

Step 3: Based on the severity of the corruption you can scan the system either by selecting Normal Scan (if PST does not Open) or Smart Scan (broken PST i.e. deleted emails or some attributes).
In this case, we suggest you go with the Smart Scan option.

Step 4: Browse your system for the destination location to save the recovered emails. Hit the Repair button to start the recovery process.

Select Smart Scan option

Step 5: Now you can find the recovered emails at the and after which you will receive the confirmation message.

once the process ends a confirmation message pops up on the screen

Note - You can also learn how to get rid of outlook error opening word or excel

How To Send a Draft Email in Outlook?

As mentioned earlier in the article. The email that was drafted but not yet sent gets saved in the Drafts folder in Outlook.
Follow the steps to send a drafted email.

Step 1: Open Outlook.

Step 2: Click on the Drafts folder.

Step 3: Select the mail that you want to send.

Step 4: Change or modify the mail that you want to send. (If necessary)

Step 5: Hit the Send button.

That’s it, the drafted mail has been successfully sent to the recipient.

Additional Information:

Why is Outlook Saving Drafts of Sent Emails?

The issue of duplicate draft email in Outlook is a not so common issue. But if you are one of those who have faced this situation then this section is particularly for you. The main reason why that happens is when the mail is sent through your email client server but you have configured Outlook to save a copy of the mail option.

Here’s are easy ways to fix that issue.

  1. Disable Save copies of sent emails option.
  2. Disable the Automatically save items that have not been sent option.

To Conclude...

We hope that this article was able to help you recover your deleted Outlook drafts. Losing unsaved progress will always be a challenge that we face. The best we can do is prepare ourselves for such instances in case they do occur. Ensuring that you maintain a backup of your data while preventing any sudden interruptions such as power loss or weak internet will go a long way to help protect your data. If you do manage to experience any data loss scenarios you can always make use of a professional Outlook data recovery software such as Remo Repair Outlook PST.

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