How to recover deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive?

Deleted file recovery from Maxtor external HDD

Maxtor external hard drives are used all over the globe since they are capable of transferring files at the blazing speed of 7200 RPM. These external hard drives support USB 2.0 connection and are able to store and handle large number of files in them. Unfortunately files get deleted from these drives sometimes. There are different reasons behind the deletion of files stored on these drives. Some people who possess this external hard drive often delete files from it accidentally. Some others make use of the format option and format the entire Maxtor hard drive and in this way lose important files from it. These two are the major causes for deletion of files on a Maxtor external hard drive. In case you deleted files on your external drive accidentally or formatted the whole drive by mistake then you must try this hard drive file recovery tool to get back accidentally deleted files from external hard drive in short duration.

How files get deleted from Maxtor external hard drive?

Different file formats that are stored on Maxtor external drive gets deleted mostly due to human errors. Suppose you have connected your external storage device to a healthy PC for file transfer purpose. Sometimes while transferring files from your external drive to a system you may unplug the device abruptly. You may also delete some or all the files on your drive by selecting the option of “Delete” or “Delete All” while the file transfer process is going on. By doing these mistakes you will definitely lose crucial files. Sometimes in a hurry to delete the unwanted folder you may end up deleting an important folder which contains all the vital files that you may need at certain point of time. This is also one of the undesired situation which leads to the deletion of files on your Maxtor external hard drive.

Formatting is another reason for deletion of essential files. Many times it is carried out intentionally. Like any other external hard drive these hard drives are not immune to corruption and due to various reasons these drives get corrupt very quickly. File system errors, sudden power interruptions, missing setup files and virus interventions are some of the major causes behind corruption of these drives. These factors compel most users to format the entire drive. Formatting is performed when these factors damage the hard drive, in order to remove the corruption. This type of intentional formatting will result in the deletion of large number of necessary files. Many people accomplish formatting process without taking the backup of the files on their Maxtor external drive. But you can overcome this worst situation by using this reliable tool.

Some precautionary measures that must be taken to protect and avoid loss of Maxtor hard drive files:

First and foremost thing that you must do is to take a proper backup of all the files stored on your Maxtor drive. If at all you lose files from your external drive due to some reason you can make use of this backup to restore missing files. Make sure that you connect your drive to a system which is healthy and free from any type of corruption. If the system is affected due to some reason like virus infection then you will definitely lose files from your external drive when you connect it for file transfer purpose. Now let us go through some of the best features of this tool.

Some unique features of this software:

This tool is capable of restoring movie files of type MOV, MP3, M4V, AVI, MP4 and 3GP that are lost from Maxtor external hard drives. Files that are deleted from Maxtor drive using “Shift + Delete” or “Delete All” keys can be easily rescued with the help of this software. Maxtor drive files that are deleted by third party tools can be easily got back by using this tool. Even, it performs Toshiba, WD, Dell and Samsung hard drive recovery in few minutes.

Steps to get back deleted files from Maxtor external hard drive:

Firstly, download and install Remo Recover Windows software in your computer. Once you launch this application a main window will pop up from which you need to choose “Recover Files” option. Once you opt for this option a new window will come up from which you have to select “Recover Deleted Files” option. In the next step you need to choose your Maxtor external drive to recover files from it. This step will lead to the beginning of scanning process. Once the scanning process gets completed you can preview the rescued files. At last, to save the recovered files you have to purchase and activate this software.

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