How to recover deleted files on iTunes?

I have deleted vital files from iTune library while accessing them and now I am worrying lot for losing beloved iTunes collection. Is there any solution to get them back? Do not worry, still your iTunes collections are not deleted permanently from PC, they are still remains in hard disk only. Files will not get deleted permanently whenever they are deleted or lost due to any reasons. Instead, only entry is removed from table by making chances to get them back as they were original.  You can recover those files by using any file recovery software until and unless overwriting is not done.

In iTunes library, you can store songs, video, pictures and other data stuff. It updates all things whenever you add new things to media library such as pictures, songs, video files etc. Moreover, after every next moment of booting, iTunes library starts updating all files from media folder and you can play any stuff from iTunes library itself.

Various scenario causes file loss from iTunes library

Suppose you are running out of space in hard disk to store other files. In such situation, you may plan to delete unwanted files and other files. However, while deleting unwanted file if you delete iTunes backup files accidentally then it results in loss of most needed files.

Consider in your iTunes library consists of more number of files such songs, picture and videos but all these files are shuffled and not organized in a proper way. There are chances of deleting files while arranging  audio and video files separately and results in loss of files from iTunes library.

In Mac, catalog file is the most precious component, which is used by file manger in order to maintain the information about the file and folders on a volume. This catalog consists of leaf node, header node, index node and map nodes. These catalog file nodes are essential in accessing and finding folders and files from a volume. Incase this catalog file is corrupted due to any reason then files records may be disordered and makes difficult in finding files. Due to this reasons sometimes you might fail to find your iTunes and results in loss of files.

Many users wish to have dual booting OS in their PC to get more accessibility to manage variety of files or at own interest. Due to this, you may plan to delete unwanted volume by using any of the disk management tools. One can easily add, alter, and delete existing volume dynamically by using these tools. In case you delete primary volume instead of deleting unwanted volume then it results in loss of huge data including your iTunes files

In Mac, virus attacks are very less because whatever apps you download which is free from virus attacks. However, intentionally sharing virus content data from other source and storing into your PC, virus threats easily spread into your system and initially starts corrupting file system and other files stored in other volumes of that hard disk. In case your iTunes apps are corrupted then files stored in it may get deleted and including songs playlist. In such situation, this use our product Remo Recover Mac Media tool, which has enough capabilities to restore all deleted and lost files includes songs, video, pictures etc  from iTunes library on Mac in a simple way. This software can be used in other various scenarios which causes iTunes file loss includes accidental deletion, volume corruption, iTunes crashes etc. Also, if ever your files from iPod get deleted accidentally then know that recovering deleted files on iPod is made easy irrespective of the reason for deletion. There is a step by step guide to help you with the complete recovery process.

Why user should prefer this software?

  • Built with effective algorithms which complete scanning process in a couple of minutes
  • Proficient to identify more than 300 file types such as audio, video, pictures etc.
  • Recovers all formats of pictures includes JPEG, GIF, PNG and raw pictures generated by many digital cameras
  • Supports recovery of iTunes library which is installed on any machines
  • Ability to find files based on their unique signature
  • Provides fast Find tool to find specific file from recovered list
  • Rescued file can be organized on the basis of size, name, date and file type

Guidance to change location of iTunes media folder

  • Click on iTunes Menu and choose Preferences
  • iTunes displays location of iTunes media folder after clicking on Advanced Pane
  • Here you can :
    • Backup iTunes medial folder contents
    • You can change location of iTunes media folder by clicking on Change button
    • Use reset button to resets its location to default

Tips to avoid file loss from iTunes library

  • Unnecessarily do not opt for restore option. If needed then take backup of iTunes library before restoring
  • Avoid accidental deletion and handle it smoothly
  • Keep backup file in external storage devices
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