How to recover deleted HTML files?

Deleted important HTML files stored on your hard disk drive inadvertently? We all are well aware of this fact that HTML which stands for Hypertext Markup Language is the chief markup language for web pages. Many times files or structured documents that are created using this markup language get deleted from the hard disk drive of a computer system due to various reasons. Basically, when you delete an HTML file from your desktop the memory space where you previously stored this file will be marked as a blank space. It is possible to fill any new data in this space which will result in overwriting of the crucial HTML file. The deleted HTML file will get dereferenced but it will not be kicked off the computer after deletion. With the help of this file recovery tool you can quickly get back deleted HTML files from your system hard disk.

HTML files won’t get deleted permanently when they are deleted using some keys such as “Delete” or “Delete All”. When they are deleted using such simple delete options they simply get hidden and your Operating System won’t be able to recognize or locate them. This does not mean that you lost all those files. They are recoverable and by using this software you can very easily get all of them back. When you delete an HTML file from your Windows system storage device, it gets saved in the recycle bin. You can restore it back whenever you require it by clicking on “Restore” option. But while trying to restore back the file many Windows users click on the “Empty Now” option instead of hitting the “Restore” tab and lose the essential HTML file from their system permanently. The empty now option is meant for emptying the entire recycle bin. Major HTML files will get permanently deleted when the user makes use of this option.

Various third party applications are available on the internet which when downloaded into the system will lead to the deletion of files stored on the system hard disk. In this way vital HTML files dwelling on the hdd gets erased due to the usage of third party tools. Sometimes while downloading these applications some malicious viruses may enter the system and damage the HTML file structure. Or they may delete all the HTML files on the desktop resulting in the loss of huge data. These HTML files may also be lost while repartitioning the hard disk. While repartitioning, the major mistake which an user may commit is that he may delete the partition in which he has stored all the essential files such as DOC, PPT, XLSX and HTML. When such a partition is deleted one will lose all the HTML files unfortunately.

If you stop downloading third party applications from untrustworthy sites then you can protect your .html files. Immediately install and run a robust and highly dependable antivirus application on your computer to safeguard major HTML files. Backup all your important HTML files before formatting the disk drive in which you have stored these files. Take these precautionary measures and protect your HTML files from getting deleted.

Suppose you have deleted HTML files of utmost importance from a partition of the hard disk accidentally. In this situation you can make use of this software to bring back .html files within few minutes from any of your hard disk partition. By using this tool you can undelete HTML files that are deleted from hard drives such as SATA, SSD and PATA. With the help of this it is possible to recover .html files that are erased from Win8, Win XP and Windows server computers. It even supports HTML file recovery from FAT, NTFS, exFAT and HFS partitions.

Steps to restore deleted HTML files from a Windows computer:

After downloading and running this tool you will get a main screen showing two options "Recover Files", and "Recover Partitions". Select “Recover Files” option from the main screen and choose the drive from where you want to recover HTML files and click "Scan" button to initiate scanning the drive. Now, the software starts scanning the selected drive to find deleted files. After the completion of the scanning process you can see the recovered files in two types of views "Data View", and "File Type View". Before you save these recovered, you can preview them by clicking "Preview" button. Then after previewing the recovered HTML files if you want to save them in your system then you have to buy and activate this application.

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