Restore deleted partition data from Western Digital Caviar Blue hard drive

Download Remo Hard Drive Recovery Tool to restore deleted partition from Western Digital Caviar Blue drives. It supports recovery of FAT, NTFS and other partitions on any Windows versions -Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1 etc. Its friendly interface will make recovery easier; just download now and start recovering the data.

Oops!!! Lost your partition to accidental deletion? Must be very tense? Your foremost thought would be about those precious photos and music files stacked so neatly in the partition. What could have possibly happened to them? Can they be recovered? Now, don’t lose your peace of mind over this slip up! Like files, partitions too are vulnerable to accidental deletions. Unmindfully, many people end up committing this mistake! The good news is, like them, you too can recover your partition with all your music and audio files intact.

Your Caviar Blue hard drive is built with the same advanced technology that was used by Western Digital to build WD Caviar 3.5-inch hard drives for desktop computers.  This hard drive comes with SATA and PATA interfaces and is packed with a range of high performance features. The partition which you have deleted accidentally is actually lying untraced in your Western Digital Caviar Blue 80 GB hard drive. To know its whereabouts, you have to scan your hard drive. Once traced, your NTFS partition can be retrieved along with its contents.

Partition recovery software like Remo Recover (Windows) – Pro Edition can provide you the right solution for recovering partitions as well as the data contained in it. To start the search, download the software onto your computer. Click on Recover Partitions/Drives. It takes you to a page with tabs; Partition Recovery and Formatted/Reformatted Recovery. Click on the Partition Recovery tab, select your hard disk and start the scan. The software will do the rest. Once the partition is pulled out, store it at a desired location.

Though getting back your deleted partition is easy, remember, it always pays to be careful.


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