How to Recover Files from Jump Drive

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Oh no, It’s miserable! I have lost all my data within jump drive when I was using it in my laptop. When I connected the jump drive to my laptop it prompted me that a Trojan was removed, so by this I was very happy that my anti-virus is very effective but later on when I wanted to access my project related files from jump drive I was shocked that it was missing. I don’t know what’s going on! Can anyone help me out in this critical situation so that I can recover my vital files from my jump drive.

In the above mentioned scenario the files were removed from your jump drive by anti-virus because the files were infected by virus. But there a several anti-virus software which facilitates you to restore the files to same location but what if that option is unavailable. Don’t panic if that option is not available to you, as you can utilize a well-known file recovery software like Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) in order to recover your files very efficiently. This particular application is not just effective for single scenario but can be useful in recovering files which have been lost or deleted due to many other scenarios.

Most common scenarios where you may lose the data:

  • If the file system of jump drive is corrupted then the entire files within that drive are lost. Severe virus infection is the most common reason for file system corruption.
  • Incomplete file transfer or file sharing between jump drive and computer can result in loss of files.
  • Accidental format of the drive can lead to loss of entire data within jump drive.

The above mentioned are some of the scenarios where you commonly lose the data. If you have come across any of the above mentioned scenarios then don’t worry you can utilize Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) to recover the lost data easily. But, the above mentioned are not the only scenarios where this tool can be useful but there are many other benefits which are discussed in below section.

Benefits of using Remo Recover (Windows / Mac):

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a powerful tool which can recover your lost data from jump drive within minutes. This marvelous application can recover nearly 300 types of files like documents, zip files, spread sheets etc. Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is compatible with file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT. Using this utility you can sort the recovered data on the basis on file size, name, type, modified date etc. With the help of this program you can recover files from memory cards, hard drive, iPods etc. This tool is free from virus and utilize less space for installation on your hard drive. File recovery from formatted partition can be effortlessly performed by making use of this effective tool.

Steps to be followed while using Remo Recover (Windows / Mac):

  • Download and install trial version of Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) in your computer
  • Connect the jump drive to your computer
  • Launch the application and at the main screen select “Recover Files” option
  • At the next screen select the jump drive in order to recover the files
  • After you select the drive the scanning process will be initialized
  • Wait patiently till the scanning gets finished
  • After successful completion of scanning process you can have a look at the recovered data using “Preview” option
  • You can even sort the data on the basis of name, date, type and size
  • If you have satisfied with the recovery of this application then save the recovery information using “Save Recovery Session” option
  • The saved recovery information can be opened by making use licensed version of this program, so once you install the licensed software activate the software using the license and launch it
  • Once you launch the licensed program open the previously saved recovery information using “Open Recovery Session” option
  • After the recovery you can save the recovered data on any safer location to avoid further loss of the data

Note: If you want to recover files deleted using rm command then this tool can make your recovery very easy.

Video which can guide you through complete steps:


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