Recover Data from RAW Disk Image Files

  • Create Disk Image files to recover data from drives experiencing physical problems
  • Recover data from RAW Disk Image files having ISO, BIN, IMG extensions
  • Supports Disk Image creation on Windows 10, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008
  • An award winning tool which is highly rated by industry experts

Recover data from ISO image

An iso, bin and img is an image file that is an exact replica of the partition or drive. When you create a disk image it will be a large file which will contain all the data of that particular partition or drive. If you use a third party tool which can create a RAW disk image then you can use it to recover data or retrieve deleted iso files using Remo Recover software. Before you start recovery, it is always advisable to assess the situation and then plan further. If your hard drive is experiencing errors like firmware corruption, overheating or bad sectors then create a disk image before starting the recovery process. Remo Recover can process such image files can successfully perform iso data recovery. If the image file is RAW image and the extension is .iso or .bin then convert the extension to .img to enable Remo to read that file.


Remo Recover (Windows)

  • Option to create an IMG image file of the entire drive
  • Recovers data from any RAW image files (.img)
  • Create disk image file to bypass bad sectors on your hard drive, later you can recover data from that disk image file
  • Supports recovery of data from ISO, BIN, IMG RAW Image files
  • Allows creation of images of hard drives or any other removable memory devices
  • Recovers .iso files from a formatted hard drive.

How to recover data from a RAW Image file

Remo Recover can recover data from iso, bin, img RAW image files. Follow the steps provided below to recover data from disk image files or restore iso files:

Note: If you have a RAW image file created using any other third party tool, change its file extension to .img file.

Step 1: Launch Remo Recover software by double-clicking the shortcut on the desktop or using the Start Menu

Step 2: Select the "Recover Partitions " option from the main screen, as shown in Figure 1.

Step 3: Now, the software lists all the available drives on the system. Select the drive from where you have to recover your ISO image files, and click Scan button as shown in the figure Figure 2

Step 4:  Now, the software starts scanning the selected hard disk drive to locate the lost partition. And it finds and lists the lost partitions of the hard drive. Now, select the partition from which you want to recover ISO files and click Scan button as shown in the figure Figure 3

Step 5: The software starts scanning the selected partition to locate the lost files as shown in Figure 4

Step 6: Once the scanning process is finished, it displays the lists of all the recoverable files, which you can view in either File Type View or Data View as shown in Figure 5

Step 7: You can view the recovered ISO image files using Preview option Figure 6

Step 8: You can choose file type that you wish to restore only certain types of files, otherwise you can skip this step to restore all files.

Step 9: The "Save Recovery Session" option allows you save the scanned information. You can use this option to resume the saving process at any time without re-scanning the drive again

Step 10: To perform an additional search for files based on their unique signatures you can select the appropriate file types. You can also skip this process to continue with normal deep scanning.

Step 11: If you are satisfied with the recovery results of the software, purchase the license key and save the recovered ISO image files at your desired location Figure 8

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