Recover Data from MMC card | Proven method

Updated on March 29, 2022

Did you lose or accidentally deleted data on MMC card and looking for a way to recover your important data? Irrespective of how you lost your data, recovering data from an MMC card becomes a cakewalk when you have a data recovery software like Remo Recover by your side. Built with an advanced scan engine that can recognise and retrieve 300+ file types effortlessly from your MMC card. Download now for free!

What is an MMC card?

Multimedia card or MMC card is a solid state flash drive, used to store your personal or professional data. MMC cards are very commonly used as mobile phone storage devices. But what if you have lost or deleted important data from your MMC card? Let us understand in the section below.

"Lost important photos and files from my multimedia card due to corruption, these photos and files are very important for my upcoming project, the data which has been lost consist of research based on the upcoming project, is there any ways to recover the photos lost? Is there any appropriate data recovery tool for MMC card recovery?"

Data loss is an unforeseen scenario, if you have lost or deleted your important data from an MMC card, in this article you will learn the hassle-free method to recover data from your MMC card effortlessly. Before moving ahead with the recovery, let us first understand why data has occurred in your MMC storage device

What Triggers Data Loss From MMC Card?

The below listed are the common scenarios reported by multiple users on data loss from MMC card

  • Accidental deletion of your vital data on MMC cards
  • Memory card corruption due to severe virus infection
  • File system corruption due to improper handling like abrupt removal
  • Improper mounting or abrupt removal of the MMC card while transferring the data
  • Capturing pictures or recording video when MMC card is full or your camera or phone is on low battery
  • Formatting the MMC without proper data backup
  • MMC Card is affected with IO error

If you have encountered any of the above scenarios, you will need the right photo recovery software, to recover your lost or deleted data from the mmc card.

How Do I Recover Data from MMC Card?

If you have encountered a data loss scenario from an MMC card, there is nothing to be worried about, data which is deleted or lost is still intact until the logical space is overwritten. Remo Recover a reliable photo recovery tool will help you retrieve your valuable data easily.

Remo Recover is a tried and tested memory card recovery software across the globe. Make use of this tool and recover your files from MMC card easily. Remo Recover tool Supports MMC cards of various brands including Kingston, transcend, HP, Sony, SanDisk, etc.

Download this tool for free now and recover your important photos, raw images, videos, and other media files in few simple clicks!

Download Now For Windows Download NowFor Mac OS X 10.7 and Above

3 Simple Steps to Recover Data from MMC card using Remo Recover software

Step 1: Download Remo Photo Recovery software on your system. In the main screen, Select Recover Photos.

recover photos from MMC card

Step 2: Choose the drive letter corresponding to your MMC card. Then click Scan to begin the scanning process.

Step 3: Now recovered files will be listed in the recover Window. Preview and Save the recovered MMC card data.

3 Reasons to Choose Remo Recover to recover your lost data

  1. Recovers various types of data Right from audio files, images, videos, raw images, documents to any other type of data.
  2. The software provides a highly interactive GUI that offers step-by-step instructions throughout the recovery process.
  3. Remo Recover is a versatile tool that works seamlessly across various storage devices including hard drives, pen drives, SD cards, micro SD cards, memory cards etc. on both Windows and Mac OS.

Difference between MMC Card and SD Card

MMC card is specifically used only for multimedia storage, typically the device is media storage. On the other hand, SD card is specifically known for its storage media capacity which is used in Linux based gaming consoles, DAB radios, camcorders, etc.

MMC and SD cards differ in their physical size, capacity and their usage. Both come in different memory sizes as well. While MMC card can be used in a standard SD card slot, but SD card cannot be used in an MMC card slot.

MMC card and SD card are sensitive storage devices. Hence, needs to be handled with extra care and caution, keeping a copy or taking a backup of your important data, photos and other media files is highly recommended. And, data which was stored as a backup can be used in the event of data loss or accidental deletion of your data.

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