How to Recover Partition Data?

How to Recover Partition Data?

Partitions are the logical sections of the hard drive in which data will be stored. Partitioning has more advantages like improving the system performance, separates system files from user files and facilitates users to have more than one OS on a single system. Losing data from partitions is an intolerable situation as they cannot be recreated. Partition data loss can happen due to many reasons like formatting or deleting the partition without taking the backup, errors while re-partitioning the hard drives, partition table corruption etc all such reasons leads to loss or inaccessibility of data from partitions. If you are worried about how to recover partition data, then don’t get panic. Here is the best partition recovery tool that can get back your entire partition data within moments, and the tool is Remo Recover, which is the most effective and efficient partition data recovery software.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac)

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is the powerful tool that performs the partition data recovery easily and quickly. The software has in-built advanced scanning algorithms using which it scans the entire drive rigorously and will restore hard drive data which is lost or deleted. The software enables you to rescue more than 300 types of files that are lost, deleted and even inaccessible data from the partitions. It supports recovery of data from partitions which are formatted by FAT, NTFS and HFS file systems.

Remo Recover (Windows / Mac) is a resourceful tool that can recover data from the partitions that are lost or deleted in any situation. It competently recovers data even from missing and inaccessible partitions. Whatever might be the reason behind the loss of data, this application works exceptionally well to recover the entire partition data not only from internal drives but also from other external drives such as FireWire drives, IDE, SATA hard drives, USB external drives etc.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo recover (Windows / Mac) has an easy to use and intuitive Graphical User Interface, which can be easily operated even by a non-technical person. It provides two ways to scan the drive one by selecting the particular file type and search only for that. The other is general deep scan which searches for all types of files. In case if the drive has bad sectors, this application utilizes “create disk image” and “open disk image” options to extract the data from the partitions. Apart from these it has special features like “Preview”, “Save Recovery Session”, “Open Recovery Session” and many other options that contribute to successful and smooth data recovery from the partitions.

How to use Remo Recover?

In order to recover data from the partitions, you need to just follow these few simple steps. Download the Remo Recover software and install it on your system. Run the tool, main screen with three options appears. Among them select “Recover drives / Partitions” option and in the next window select “Partition Recovery”. Then, choose the physical drive and press “Next” and initiate the scanning process to search for all the partitions including the deleted ones. After completion of the scan the tool gives a list of available partitions. Now, choose the appropriate partition and select “Next”. After scanning the partition, you can view the recovered data using “Data-view” / “File Type View”. And then preview the files using “Preview” option and then save the important files.

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