Corrupt Flash Drive Recovery

  • Easily restore files from a corrupted flash drive or USB drive
  • Recover files from formatted external flah drives
  • Recover all popular photo and several other file formats including digital RAW images
  • Supports corrupt flash drive recovery on both Windows and Mac operating system

Recover Files From Corrupt USB Flash Drive?

Accidently ejected flash drive from computer and lost all your valuable photos and files? Remo Recover is useful in recovering deleted or lost photos and several other file types from corrupted pen drive, flash memory cards, external hard drives, FireWire drives, USB Stick and iPods. This Picture Recovery software is a great tool to fix flash drive for corrupt file recovery and your lost data can be restored. If you don't know how to recover a corrupt pen drive, it gets very simple to recover files with this tool.

Causes of Flash Drive Corruption

Improper ejection of flash drive: If you eject a flash drive suddenly from the computer it may lead to file system corruption on the flash drive. Such action may leave you with a corrupt flash drive with minimal chances of recovery of your Photos.

Viruses: Viruses are the most common reason for corruption. Viruses can affect important files in flash drive, which may lead to data loss. Its a lengthy task of fixing the virus and resetting USB drive for recovery of your data.

Application Error: An improper operation of the application for photo editing or viewing may cause the files and ultimately corruption of your thumb drive. Use of an external application needs caution for safety of the data, a minor corruption may lead to corruption in your flash drive.

You can safely restore data from flash drive by using Remo flash drive recovery software. You can easily perform pen drive data recovery for your photos and other relevant files with this repair tool.

Features of Remo Recover

  • Scans complete usb flash drive in a few minutes to retrieve deleted files
  • It can Recover files, photo, audio and video in various file formats
  • Powerful Scanning algorithms helps to recover corrupted flash drive from complex data loss problem
  • Restore files after formatting your flash drive or after reformatting it from FAT to NTFS or vice versa
  • Recovered data can be sorted based on the name, data, size and file type
  • Find option helps to trace a particular file based on the date, creation date, extension, size and file name
  • Supports USB flash drive recovery on Windows 10, macOS Sierra (previously Mac OS X) and their previous versions
  • Supports recovery from most popular flash drives like Kingston Data Traveller, Sandisk Cruzer Blade, Transcend JetFlash, Lexar Jump Drive, Sony Micro Vault etc.

How to Recover Files from Corrupted USB Flash Drive

  • Download and Install Remo Recover in your system
  • Click Recover Photos from the home screen recover photos from corrupt flash drive 1
  • Click Recover Lost Photos recover photos from corrupt flash drive 2
  • Select the USB Flash Drive from the list of drives and click Next recover photos from corrupt flash drive 3
  • Select the File Type for recovery and click Next - The software will display the data on the window at the end of scan recover photos from corrupt flash drive 4
  • Select the files and photos that you want from the recovered list and click Next recover photos from corrupt flash drive 5
  • Save the recovered files in destination location recover photos from corrupt flash drive 6

To retrieve data from flash drive or to get back data from SDHC on Mac use Remo Recover (Mac)

Note:  As soon as you realize that your flash drive is corrupt, remove it from the computer or laptop and keep it safely until you want to start the recovery process. Avoid using the flash drive any further as it may overwrite the lost data resulting in permanent data loss.

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